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     1674.                 131           (65



    I desier to be humbled for it & doe beg of ye lord forgiveness & desire the

    Church that I have offended therin that they would alsoe pardon & forgive mee

    & accept me into their favour againe.

    As for my staying at the last sacramt I acknowledg that it was inconsiderately

    & in some degree presumptiously done Though not by ye counsell of any brethren

    as is supposed, but onely as I understood yt I was blamed for depriveing my self of the

    ordinances of God & if I miss understood the Intent therof I am sorry for it, I alsoe

    apprehended that I was not under any admonition , to thos two evasions were answered

    1 his being blamed for depriving hims by of gods ordinances throw Impeudency in sin

    the intent of that could not be to incorrage him to come though he had not re

    pented 2: the major part of ye church declared thems offended & Expected satisfaction


    before they could comunicate wth you ther was noe less then admonition, he ac

    =knowledged his mistake in these conceits & desired god to pardon his sin therin &

    begd of the church that yei would pardon & forgive what they observed was sinfull

    therin ffor I dare not nor will not stand to approve any such thing but in

    silence submitt to your charitable construction & remayne yor penetent

     Thom: Remington

    After some advise to him & his acknowledmt of his evill in ingaging hims: to

    a remove wthout consulting with the church or seeking the benifitt of yr advise

    and prayers especially that he went about this out of offence against the church or

    most of them; By a full vote ye Church manifested their acceptance of his repen



    January 5 The church mett about John Wattson to hear his acknowledgmt of his

    great evills for which he was Excomunicated which was as followes

       After the Solemn ordinance of Excomunication was passed upon me I did at the

    administration of it & for some time after make light of it. But afterwards it pleased

    God that it took more Impression upon my heart; God brought that scripture to me

    2 Jer how canst thou say I am Innocent look upon thy wayse, the lord helpt

    me to Consider what Evills I had fallen into both by stealing, horrible lying & by

    Excessive drinking: & considering the lord had layd many corrections upon me, the

    lord stird up my heart to beg of him to make that promis good unto me: Job 36 8 9

    when they are held in the cords of affliction, then I will shew unto them their

    work & yr transgressions that they have Exceeded: Then the lord was pleased to

    Shew me how I went first away from him Even by my unfaythfullness in my service

    with Mr Phillips & by my reproaching him & my ministers which has bin a great

    greif of heart to me who had shown noe little love & kindness to me, At that time alsoe

    I left off seeking God in generel & gave way to my hearts lusts: whilst I thought

    on thes things & against what light I had sinned I had despairing thoughts whe

    ther there was any mercy for mee who had comitted such foul sins against light &

    mercy, And that after ye lord had delivered me from soe great affliction that then I

    Should break out soe to his dishonour, wherby I have greeved his pp, & caused religion

    to be evill spoaken off & gods holy name to be blasphemed

    Since the ordinance has passed on me I have found very afflicting temptations

    and hurryes of spirit that I could not be fixed in holy dutyes, but it has bin

    suggested to me, will God regard they prayers that hast soe sinned against him

    Sathan has bin busy Every way against me; sometimes to tempt me to security

    & to make light of my sin & what was inflicted upon me for it; & when God

    did in some measure awaken my heart then he has tempted me to despair