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                                     1682         192                             127


    mind was tryed by a vote whether it was their mind Mr Paison should be ordained their Teacher

    The vote was full . : Then it was sayd to mr Paison

    Reverend sr I doubt not but you account it safe & comfortable following where God is pleased to

    goe before, your self have seen, & alsoe this solemn assembly the continuance & alsoe ye Renew

    all of this churches desire to choose your self to be their Teacher

    It now remaynes that your self be pleased to Express your acceptation of their call to ye office

    and work of a Teacher over this church & flock of God in Rowley

    He expressed his acceptance & yn ye charg was given after prayer & ye right hand of fellowship by

    Reverend Mr Moodey the Reverend Elders that layd on hands with S P were the Reverend Mr Cob

    bet Mr Hubbard Mr Moodey : the prayer was to this effect

    Most holy great & gracious Lord our God The lord of heaven & earth ye God of glory who alone

    art ye God that hearest prayers, that performest all things for us, who has sayd that if we acknowledg

    thee in all our ways thou wilt bring it to pass.

    We acknowledg that thou alone art ye father of mercyes, from whom our every Good & perfect gift

    doth descend, yea ye lord Jesus ye greatest of all gifts did discend from thee, & how shouldst thou not

    with him freely give us all things? who hast from the beginning of ye world shown thy wonderfull &

    gracious regard to poor man, not onely in that thou didst put ye beuty of thine Image upon us, &

    crown us with dignity & honour in or first creation :

    But when we had sinned & fallen short of thy glory, broaken covenant, lost thine Image & favour, yet

    thou wert pleased to pitty us in yt low Estat, & to seek after us who sought to hide our Selves from thee


    And when ther was none to publish thy Good will to man in thy name, thou wert pleased thy self

    to be the publisher of thy own grace & mercy in Xst Jesus ; blessed for ever be thy great name.

     And because we are not able to bear it to be taught by angells, much less to hear thee speaking

    to us Imeadiately : Therefore thou hast condescended to send the treasure of thy gospell in Earth

    =en vessells, that ye excellency of ye power might be of God & not of us .

    Thou didst raise up Noah a preacher of righteousness to ye old world, & didst send to Israel thy pro

    phets & ye sons of ye prophets that they might teach the good knowledg of thy self, & as thou Spakest

    at sundry times & diverse maner to thy pp formerly, soe thou has spoaken to us in these last dayse by

    thy son who was a Teacher sent by God, & like unto whom never man spake.

    And when he had finished his ministry & work on Earth, he left the world, for it was expedient for us yt

    he should soe doe, yet he hath not left us orphanes of whom ther is none to take care, but hath sent

    forth his Embassadors, & comited to them the word of reconciliation

    And as thy church & pp in all times & places have had much Experience of thy compassion, in thy

    rysing Early, & sending thy servants to them, soe have we in this wilderness above any remnant

    in the world that we know off :

     When thou didst send thy people hither, thou didst not send them as sheep without shepards, but didst

    send choise Shepards with them, And although ye old flock of thy Eminent messengers (who came hither

    to rayse up a tabernacle for our God) is much wasted, & alas almost spent: yet thou hast bin pleased

    to rayse up some supply for ye service of thy pps souls though alas how short of those precious labourers

    that have been before us

    And as all thy congregations throw the land, have had Experience of thy Goodness & of ye fruit of thy

    sons ascention, in a faythfull ministry amongst them, soe we have cause to acknowledg thy free mercy

    to us in this place, in bestowing soe many faythfull labourers upon us, & though or unprofitableness has

    provoked thee to remove them from us by death or otherwise : yet thou hast pittyed us & in judgment

    remembred mercy

    Thou has not turned away or pore prayers from thee, nor thy mercy from us as appears this day

    The good Lord pardon all our unprofitableness under ye helps we have injoyed, that we have bin soe

    slow of heart to beleeve & imbrace ye Gospell, or to hold forth ye word of life in a conversation be

    =coming us, oh how many lights have bin burnt out or put out & yet many of us sit in darkness, The

    greet things of thy law & gospel that have bin sent to us, how have they bin accounted as a strang thing

    by too many of us, oh let or leanness our leanness be our bitter complaint & greif ys day, let it not be a small

    matter in our eyes that we are in danger to be guilty of greater sin, & obnoxious to greater punishmt, then ye

    land of Sodom, but oh or God wher sin has abounded (as wher were then wher soe much means has bin

    injoyed but not Improoved) let convincing, humbling pardoning mercy much more abound

    And let the Imortal seed of thy word that has bin sown by they labourers, yt are now called out of

    this part of thy vinyard, or may quickly be, let that seed come up we humbly pray thee: Even as

    sometimes as thou madest ye labours of John ye Baptist successfull when he was in his grave Then

    his hearers sayd all yt John spake concerning this man twere true. & many beleeved on him then

    Thy servants though dead yet speak, in all us to hear them, & to follow the way they followed lest

    [illeg.] what waight we for our desires are unto thy name this day that thou wouldst