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      At a meeting of the Chh. March. 21. 1757

    The Brethren of Sd. Chh. Voted That Esqr John

       Esqr Messr

    Hobson Eben Hidden and David Bayley be chosen


    as Delegates to make Enquiry of the South Chh. of

    Ipswich touching their Conduct complained of

    by Mr Benjamin Crocker, and that the first Step

    be to Send a letter to Sd Chh. in the name of the

    Brethren of the Sd first Chh. in Rowley, and move

    it to them, Whether the Difficulty complained of by

    him, cannot be removed Without Sd Delegation

    going over to Sd South Chh. in Ipswich and if it

    cannot be so removed, Whether the Brethren of Sd

    South Chh. have any Objections to offer against Sd

    Delegates going over to them.


     June 1757. Mary Tenney W. of Ebenezer was

     dismissed to the Chh. in Line brook


    March. 1. 1758. The Chh. met and Voted

    That Mary Pearson be Suspended from Communion

    for her Crime of Fornication, heinously aggrava

    ted, by being committed, after repeated Confessions

    of the Same Crime, and that a Solemn Admonition

    be Sent to her in Writing ____ Voted that a

    Letter to be sent to Mary Jewet Wife of Abel &

    Voted That Deacon Payson Aquila Jewet Joshua

    Prime Nathaniel Mighil junr and John Jewet be a

    Committee to take Notice of Neglect of Duty & disorder

    in Conversation, in any of the Persons in full Communion

     or in Covenant - -