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                          7          1667         73


    We whose names are underwritten doe certify that

    being prsent upon ye Lords day , we heard Good=

    =man Miller ask before ye Congregation acknowledge

    the great sinne of Adultery  wch  it hath pleased

    God to Leave Him to ye commission of , the

    sevrall particulars expressed then by Him is not

    at present with us, by reason or writing is

    sudden & unexpected but thus much in short

    his discourse was sollemne & serious, laying the

          & shame

    burthen of his sin upon himself & giving ye glory to


    God to whom it doth belong for his Repentance & hu=

    = illiatiō  wch we trust is sincere & sound : this was

    done by Him we hope to ye glory of God , the honr of

    ye Gospell & ye good of those wch were then prsent

    to ye truth of wch  we make bold to set or hands

      at Midletō May 18 1667.

    This was a Volluntury act of Goodm: Milller and no

    otherwise to our knowledge. 

                                             William Ward

                                             George Durant

                                             the    marke of

                                             Jeames I: Tappin


    In reference to ye clause in ye Church's L.r  concerning

    his wife came this Testimony.


         Middleton    May. 3d 1667. 

    These are to certify whom it may concerne, yt we

    underwritten  being prsent about an hour or rather

    lesse, before ye death of Izbell Miller , her husband

    desiring of her forgivenesse, she made that Returne yt

    she forgave him wth all her heart , as God for Xt

    his sake forgave her , this we can testify & upon

    ye  Desier of Tho: Miller have given him under or hands

    this day & yeare above-written

                                   Nathaniel Collins

                                   Nathaniel Bacon.

    Upon ye  Reading of these Bro: Jon Pierson stood up & told us

    that speaking wth Bro: William Harris (lately at Boston)