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      Jedidiah Jewitts Will 250 Justice Thomas Hales Legacy


     The Parish in ye Precinct of Rowley having pass’d a

    vote on Dec. 5. 1728. To Invite Mr Jedidiah Jewet, to

    come and preach unto them: after some Time, The Church

    In sd Precinct, Did convene at ye meeting house in Sd Precinct,

    And after prayer to God for his presence, Leave, & Assistance

     passed the following Vote vizt Janry 21, 1728/9

           The Vote proposed to sd Church vizt


    Whether you do now actually chuse & call

    Mr Jedidiah Jewet to the Ministerial Office of

    a Pastor over you, with Convenient speed

    to be settled Therein?    This vote passed

       In ye Affirmative. nemine contradicente.[27]

    And the abovesaid Call was accepted by the Sd Jedidiah



          Justice[28] Thomas Hale of Rowley Esqr

      his Legacy left to the Church in Rowley

       in his Last Will. Vera Copia.[29]

         I see cause to Leave fifty pounds in the

         hands of the Church of Christ here in Rowley

         which they shall have after my wives

         Decease, to Lett out; and my Will is, the

         That the Principal should allwayes

         Remaine Good, and that the Interest

         should be disposed of by them for the

         Reliefe of the poor Brethren of the

               said Church


    Mr Noble installed as I think Ano. Dom. 1762, in Dec.

    And Mr. Noyes in Jan. or Febr. 1763  


    [27] “No one objecting.”

    [28] Entries in the handwriting of Jedediah Jewet recommence.

    [29] “A true copy.”