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    This gave me some hope yt he would pardon my sin, when he had

    caused his word to take hold of me, and had brought me into that

    way yt he had promised mercy unto. that place also was a great

    Encouragemt unto me Math. 18. 12, 13. how think you, if a man

    have a 100 sheepe & one of them be gone astray, doth he not leave

    the ninety & nine & go into ye mountains & seeketh yt wch is gone

    astray, & if so be yt he find it, verily I say unto you, he rejoyceth

    more yt he findeth that sheep, then of ye ninethy & nine yt went not

    astray, yet he had sent out his word & found me; & thereby I

    was brought to be deeply humbled, & to mourn before God, and

    his people; & God did thereby Encourage me to hope yt there was

    mercy for me. & yt in y 147 2. was great Encouragement to

    my weary soul, ye Ld doth build up Jerusalem, he gathereth to

    -gether ye outcasts of Israel, he healeth ye broken in heart,

       I had many other places of Scripture yt came to mind in dark

    hours, yt was a refreshing to my soul, whereby God caused me to

    hope that there was mercy for me. also yt in Rev. 3. 19. as

    many as I love, I rebuke & chasten, be zealous therefore &

    Repent; which place of scripture was brought to mind when

    I was in great trouble & deepe distress. I was ye man under

    great chastizements of ye Lord & yt place often refreshed my

    soul, yt it was for my good, yt I might be brought to true

    Repentance. also yt In Job. 5. 17. behold! happie is ye man

    whom God correcteth, therefore despise not thou ye chastening

    of ye Almighty. Such places were sweet to my weary Soul,

    when God caused me to believe yt it was in mercy to me. And

    as I do Every day beg pardon of God; I also come this day to

    beg forgiveness of his people, & yt my Soul may be restored.

     I Earnestly beg ye prayers of Gods pp. yt my Repentance may be

    true, & yt I may have power to walk humbly before God, and

    Inoffensively before his people, & yt I may be againe restored

    to ye fellowship of Gods people. and I Earnestly desire, yt if

    any body in this, or in any other place, have been any wayes

    offended or Scandalized by what they have observed in my words

    or In any light carriage & behaviour; that they would forgive me,

    and pray for me, yt I may never be left to demeane myself

    any otherwise for ye future, then becomes ye Gospel of our Lord

    Jesus Christ. ~. ~.                     Samuel Ayres