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    81                              1676.                        147


    She acknowledged her sin publickly by writing as followeth


      I desire to mourn for my foremar Sins of childhood & youth, & for ye

    neglect of ye use of all the means of grace, & disobedience to my parents, &

    neglect of ye counsell & call of his servants; I have cause to wonder that I

    am out of hell, I desire to wonder at ye goodness of God for giving me Inte

    =rest in ye prayers of his Servants: I desire to be humbled, that I have dishonor

    ed so holy a god as he is, & greeved his pp; & especially I desire to mourn

    for ye sin of uncleanness & all ye aggravations of it & to loath my self for my Sin

    while I have a day to live: I desire the prayers of Gods pp that I may hate

    and forsake all Sin, & that I may have grace to walk in ye relations & place

    =ces god sets me in according to his rule: I have many times thought that

    God may bring that great affliction of warr on ye country for my sin; I desire

    that he would give me true & unfeined repentance for all my sins, & that he

    would wash away all my sins in ye blood of his son, & help me to carry

    more obediently & humbly towards himself, & in ye relations he hath set me in

    and yt he would write his law in my heart: I desire that as I have sined

    God would give me a heart to repent & to come to him for pardon & purging

    the scriptures I had some help from were 28 prov 13. he yt confesses his sins, &

    forsakes ym shall find mercy  soe 1 Isai though your sins be as crimson he will

    make ym as woole, & whosoever will let him take of ye water of life freely

    Thes & such like Scriptures I have found some incorragement from though I


    am ready to Question scriptures whither they belong to me or noe: I desire

    I may be a warning to all young ones to take heed of sin, & all the occasions

    of it I desire ye continuance of ye prayers of Gods pp that god would set sin

    more & more upon my heart, yt I may come to Jesus Christ for pardon of

    it & purging from it: This acknowledgmt was accepted by ye church as appears

    pag 74.

    As for Thomas Tenny after he came back again from the Southward whether

    he had withdrawn himself, hearing of his cousins being delivered of a child

    & yt she layd to him he denyed it both to her face & to others very often yea

    when he was brought before the court he denied it ther till he saw yt he was

    like to be sent to prison, & some warning him not to deny it any longer he

    did own it at last

    S. P. did speak with him to se what sence yr was of his sin upon his heart yr

    appeard scarse any greif of heart but some penitent expressions he did utter &

    desired they might be taken in writing (because he thought he could not possibly

    speak before ye congregation) which was as followeth:


                        Thomas Tennys acknowledgmt of his great

                           Sin of unncleaness.

    I have sinned greatly against God, against his pp, against my ffrends & against my

    own soul, I am in a very sinfull condition, & if god give me not repentance for my sin

    I am undone for ever: I was very much unsensible of of[52] the Evill after I had commit

    ted it, hopeing that it would never be known because she might not proove with child:

    But when I was abroad I considered what I had done & was troubled, & purposed when


    I turned back to honour God by takeing shame to myself if he would inable me: But

    after I was come home I denied it, Sathan & ye corruption of my heart stirred me up

    to deny it, & yt many times, I alsoe mett with bad Counsels that I should not owne it

    & that I was a fool if I did, & I thought that way to Escape punishmt: But I

    have since considered that it is a great Sin, & that which is due to me for it is



    [52] MS sic.