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    were mentioned, his absenting himself from the publick administ

    ration of the Sacrament of the Lords Supper, and of the Word

    for the most part, His contemptuous Speaking of the Church, Say

    ing to this Effect, that he would assoon or had as leave join with

    the Papists as with this Church. and his Contentious Spirit (manifested

    in Speaking in the Church soon after the Chh. had released him from

    Censure upon his confession and appearing as tho he desired peace) Saying

    that to this Effect that he demanded Satisfaction of the Church

    for their having passed a Censure upon him. The two first things he

    owned, being not Time enough to finish nor to enter upon the particular

    Consideration of the Last the Meeting was adjourned to the first

    Wednesday in June at four of the Clock afternoon


    At a meeting of the Brethren of the first Chh. in

    Rowley held June 5. 1751. it was voted that our Bro-

    ther Thomas Gage, go to our Brother James Hidden &

    inform him that ye Chh. meeting is adjourned to the Meeting

                                      the third of

    house in the first parish in Rowley till July of next at four

         Clock in ye                       ^

    of the afternoon and that he by leaving this vote with


    the Sd Hidden in writing inform him that he is desired

    to attend the adjournment and be ready to give in to the

       in writing

    Chh. his reason or reasons for absenting himself from the


    Communion of the Chh. in the Sacrament of the Lords Supper

    for so long a Time


    June 30. 1751. the Church was Stayed and Voted That

    Thomas Sage and Nathanael Mighil junr go to James

    Hidden and inform him that the Chh. meeting is adjour-

    ned to the Meeting House in the first Parish in Rowley


    untill the eighth of July next at four of the Clock in the


    afternoon, and desire him by leaving a Copy of ye vote with

    him to attend the adjournment and be ready to give into the

    Chh. in Writing his reason for absenting himself so long from the

      Sacrament of the Lords Supper administered in this Chh.