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    1673               113            47


    Censured; at last he sat down & the church did by an unanimous vote de-

    clare yt yy judg he should be forthwith cast-out, accordingly after service from

    that I Cor. 5.2. the offendour was called forth. (After declaration made to

    the whole congregation of his being [    ] cheifly & the mind of ye Church

    again manifested by a full vote (excepting Br Pickard) for his casting out he

                                               & he

    was breifly told of his great provocations & had cause to serch more into his


    heart then ever he had done for such outbreakings ought to lead him to that

    filth yt was within 15 Math 19 God left Hezekiah to know what was in his heart

    Seeing he had soe grosly fallen to ye dishonour of gods name Rom 2. 23 24 & to ye

    reproach of religion & given occasion to them wthout to stumble & dislike the pp &

    ways of Christ as Elyes Sons by yr sin made Israel abhore the offrings of ye lord

    I therfore in told him yt as David sayd of his house soe ye Lord Jesus sayd of his

    this Day he yt telleth lyes shall not dwell in my house 101 ps 7. & then ye dread

    full sentence of excomunication was past upon him & after prayer that god

    bind in heaven what was bound on earth & sanctify his ordinance for ye good

    of the offender ye destruction of ye flesh & salvation of his soul the assembly was

    dismissed onely ye church desird to stay to agree of a Day to meet about Con

    sidering offences of Br Samuel Mighell as to his unclean carriages. Br Pick

    =ard then again did find fault wth ye churches proceedings against John Watson as

    if they had passed Sentance wthout sufficient & clear proof if ye church could act upon


    soe litl ground yy must bear with him though he could ther was many things

    mentioned to littl purpose wch neither himself nor I beleeved many more could well

    tell what to make off; tho several stood up & told him they concieved yt yr was

    abundant proof of those evills for which he was cast out

    1 It was disorderly be after ye Church had voted & sentance was past that he should

    then show his great dislike of the churches proceedings

                           yt                                  in his sin

    2 he therby has done that has a tendency to harden ye offender & to hinder the


    desired effect of ye ordinance upon his soul; 3 you have done hurt to them wthout


    Who by your example find fault wth ye churches proceedings saying they are Br Pickard

    mind, its a bad example to show soe much favour to a flagitious offendour as

    to plead for him, & to cast blame upon the church for ye proceedings with him.

    A Record of Samuel Mighhells casting out of ye

       Church  August 31 1673 with ye grounds & causes of it


    This man who was in Mr Rogers his time admonished (about yr 1658) for

    wanton & unclean Dalliance by kissing another mans wife; he seemed then

    to repent of his folly and ye Censure was taken off but It appears since

    he made light of that admonition 1 by Slandering the woman whom he had

    dallied wth as if he had as much incourragmt from her as he desired. [---]

    wch now he acknowledges he wronged her in & ye slander he uttered in his

    confession before ye ch & congregation 2 In yt he sung or read over a ballet

    that somebody had made in a way of derision of ye partyes that had brought

    him forth for such a small fault 3 In that ever since for 13 or 14 years he has

    less or more bin practising the same fully & worse as appears by what

    followes both towards mayds & women as they affirm and as he has acknow

    ledged before S.P. & Deacon Tenny  ffor mayds

    1 Abigail Weicom he saluted several times & once or twice before his wife

    2 Elizabeth Northen he saluted several times   6 Mary Tenny he saluted Seve

    3 Betty Palmer he Saluted several times                        =rall times

    4 Mary Harrison he Saluted once or twice

    5 Sarah Harrison he Saluted Several times & puld her upon his lap