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    Febry 16. 1706/7  Robert Day & his Wife were admonished

                  and Suspended for their sin of fornication.

    May 11 1707 } Robert Day & his Wife upon their Confession

                 were restored & owned ye covenant

    Jun 29. 1707 } Paul Wentworth & his Wife Katharine

                 were dismissed to ye chh in N-London and

    Nathll Brown & his Wife Mary, to ye chh in Groton

    Octobr 29. 1707 } Mrs Hannah Elithorp was dismissd to the

                 } old or middle chh in Boston.

    Novr. 9. 1707 } Samll Prime & his Wife Sarah having been

                   suspected (by ye Early birth of their first child) to

    to have been guilty of fornication, presented yms. before ye congregation

    with the following Confession     vizt.

               and owned the Covenant

         We do Earnestly desire to draw nigh to God, and to give up

         ors. & or Children (if ye Lord shall give us any) unto ye Lord

    to be his forever, according to his gracious Covenant: and for that

    End, we desire heartily to own ye Covenant, and put ors. under the

    Christian care, Watch, & Governmt of this Church of Christ;

         And to make way for or Injoying this priviledge, we are willing

    and do desire to make known unto Gods people, ye sense & sorrow

    we have had, and do still find, for our many sins, secret and pre-

    sumptuous, in words and deeds;         We do humbly own that we

    have been great Sinners for wch we desire to judge & abhor ors.

    before God and his people.   And That sin, we do hate, in

    particular, of which we are suspected to be guilty; and as far as

    we have been really guilty therein, we do desire to give glory to

    God by judging & condemning ors. for ye Same.   We own

    that the Lord might Justly have cast us into Hell for or Transgressions,

    and desire to be thankfull to him for his great patience & tenderness towards us

    we desire that ye Lords Long Sufferance & pity, may lead us to Repentance, yet

    more & more.          We pray all Gods people to forgive us; we are Sorry

    for whatever we have offended them, and dishonoured God & his holy

    Religion by, whether in words or Deeds; or any omissions of holy and

    religious duties. and we Intreat Gods people to pray to ye Lord for us

    that we may obtaine his forgiveness, and that we may be accepted of

    God and his people (thõ unworthy) and be enabled to walk before him

    and amongst his people, as becomes ye Gospel of Christ, all ye dayes of our

    life,for ye future which we heartily desire to do.  Samll Prime. Sarah Prime.