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    Revered & dear sr


    Mine & my wifes respect remembrd to yor self & Mrs Gilbert[7] wth many thanks

    for yor courtious Entertainmt : The occasion of these lines is to intimate to you

    of our conference wth some of or pp heer who are faythfull freinds both to yors &

    they doe think I was too forward & in considerate to Encorrage you to come

    come & make yor abode at Rowley for yei fear (& by yr speeches have [put][8]

    me in fear) least something shuld take advantage by or weaknesses but blow up [old]

    sparks if not to kindle new: as we pray we may not be led into temptati[on]

    soe it is or duty to take heed we lead not or selves yrinto: your desire is if [you]

    come to preach once a day if god give health but or pp doe desire we [may]

    have one that may ioyne in office with me having noe ruling Elder, & [illeg.]

    for yt end have given all to Mr Dummer,[9] whose answer we have not yet

    received; in ye mean while they doe throw mercy express yms contented [with]

    my poor labour amongst ym: Sr I humbly intreat you not to be afraid

    if yr appear some dissonancy between us yt live & my discourse with your[self]

    Second thoughts some time are bettre, & ye truth is yt remembrance of yt differ[ence]

    yt was at Rowley when your self was heer doth make me dread tha[t]

    since then your sorrow & trouble did bring more grey hairs then that

    more years laboring alone would in an ordinary way have done

    since chiefly to blame my self & to be humbled in ye remembrance of ye [death] yt

    was discovered to me in some measure in yt houre of Temptation: noe

    more but desiring of ye continuance of yor love for me & prayers to god for me [I]

    Desire of Gods presence with you, guidance of you in yor removes & for support

    of you under ye dayly infirmityes of yor outward man wth renewalls of yr [Endeavours]

    I Rest

    Rowly 26 ffeb          yor unworthy Brother In Xst Jesus

     1671.                                 S P.


    Mercy Clark                       Jacob Jewet

                                                      December 17

    Hannah Hopkinson                  Mehetabel Todd

    Thomas Geage

    Hannah Scott                      Susannah Paison

    Mehetabel Scott                  Elisabeth Chaplin

                     Decem 17

    David Pearley                     David Jewett

    Samuel Platts                     Joseph Scott

    Sarah Platts                      Mark Prime

    Samuel Northen                    Moses Smith      

    Samuel Prime                      Mercy Bayley      Decembr 24

                                      Samuel Bayly

                                      Rachel Jewet

                                      Hannah Sawyer

                                      Edna Bointon

                                      Elisabeth Jewet

                                      Joseph Duty

    [7] Thomas Gilbert had been the minister of Topsfield, but was dismissed in 1671 after being accused of intemperance.

    [8] Damage along the right edge of this page affects the end of this and following lines; conjectural readings are indicated in brackets.

    [9] Shubael Dummer, who had graduated from Harvard in 1656, but was not ordained until 1673 over the church at York, Maine.