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    first                                    2ly soon

    We are bound to provide for our own house. After my Settlemt

    ^                                         ^

    my father Phill. was uneasie about his Sallary, and told me yt ys

    Town was not able to keep two Ministers. 3ly. I was Informed

    not long after my Ordination, That a chiefe man then in Town

    (viz Capt Phil: Nelson) declared in a Town Meeting, that ye

    Town could not maintaine two Ministers, and proposed to


    let one of them go. and I found my own Salary very

                          ^                           in grain

    scanty while we were two together. fifty & three pounds


    was my whole allowance (wth my Wood) by ye year; five of wch

    was yearly taken off for Parsonage Lands yt I Improved

    so I had but fourty eight pounds in Graine pr annum, for

    sundry years after I had a family. not long before my

    father Phill: decease, the Town added seven pounds to

    my Sallary, so made it sixty in Grain, which in those times

    was allw counted a third at least Inferiour to money.


    also I was Informed when ye above sd things abt calling


    another Minister, were in agitation, that it was said

    amongst Some, yt I must take what the Town would give

    me. I thot it needfull therefore to know before hand a

    little about the matter to prevent uneasinesses

    after wards. but as is above specified, nothing could

    be obtaind. now let any Indifferent persons Judge

    how this Donation came to be forfeited, & layes to ye College



     The Reason of my Secreting Mr Brow[n]s Letter

    (mentiond in the above Record) was, because the

    Condition of holding sd Donation, was almost

    Expir’d, so that there was then no time to apply

    to any body else; Therefore if ye Town had known

    before sd Town-meeting was over that he would

    not come, They might have counted it a sufficient

    Ground to Act nothing about the case: Therefore

    I kept the knowledge of it from them, till sd meeting

    was past; yet nothing was done about it, tho

    they knew not but he might come –––––– ––––

    and did know yt they could go to no other 


    [26] This later, pencilled page number appears about three-quarters down the page in a blank spot, but is placed here for consistency.