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    96        162              1677


    June 17 the church stayd to conclude of or church meeting about the 3 brethren

    that had offended by their disorderly carriages in word & deed Mr Nelson Br Platts

    Br Holmes I propounded for the place of meeting whether at my house or in ye meeting

    house Mr Nelson sayd if ye church mett at my house he would not come at it I

    told him if the church did think it convenient ther to meet it did not become

    him soe to speak, I desired that hims: & the other 2 brethren would not absent

    yms: he sayd it was noe matter whether they were present we could goe on in

    our business a bold & contemptious speech both for ys matter & his maner of speak

    ing it

    June 19 1677 The Church mett at ye meeting house at 2 of ye clock in ye

    afternoon: we began wth Mr Nelson  for the breach of ye 5 comand in 6 particulars

    he acknowledg 1 The reproachfull speech of ye church meeting & his refusing to come & his

    saying what care I who is speaking: but for carrying me to ye court 2 his speech

    before the collect at my hous 3 his refusing yt bond wch was done in his waight in main

    tenour & stirring up ye whole town to ye like contempt he acknowledg not his fault

    At ys meeting he twice publickly told me that prejudice & mallice had stired me

    up to present him in a church way

    And yt according to my own Exposition of ye 6th comand I had broaken it instancing

    in yt Scripture 1 Sam 1 8 9 wch I sayd was a murdering look such a look or soe I had

    set my eye upon him & ye other offending brethren ever since that day they voted wth

    ye Toun for Mr Sheperds Keeping a fortnight lecture


    Br Homes acknowledged his evill in charging the captain with cheating but for his

    foul accusations of Neh: Jewitt (1 That he had by his wicked informations mislead ye arbi

    trators 2 Yt it was in vayne to speak to Neh: of what was amiss for nothing could be

    gott off him but Squibs & Scornes & high flowne Speeches) he acknowledged not his sin

    nor made out his accusations to be grounded nor ye breech of ye 9th comand

    Br Platts sayd as to both his offences he was not convinced of any evill in ym but if he

    might have ye 5 Elders to give ye judgmt if yei sayd he had offended he should submitt


    13. Septemb 1677 the honourd committee of ye general court mett at Salisbury & desired Mr

    Hale & S P to accompany them wher they gave their result as followeth

    we whos names are subcribed appointed by the honourable general court may 23 77

     Upon our repair to Salisbury & action given to all partyes to yeild their attendance

    a full hearing & plea being allowed to Major Pike, & ye Revernd Mr Wheelwright and

    others of the church concerned: we find that though the original fault charged on

                      matter of

    Major Pike was not a plain Imorality & Scandall, yet yt in ye after managmt


    and prosecution of ye difference between hims & the W. Pastor he hath shewed hims

    too litigious in Impeaching him with soe many articles under his hand, thereby

    procureing great disturbance to ye church & place

    And alsoe much contempt of the sayd W Person & offence in publickly reflecting up

    on him these words of Math 7. 5 cast out ye beam &c. & of him & ye church in his

    sudding withdrawing & with much contempt refusing their judgmt, as is prooved

    against him: of all wch we expect his candid acknowledgmt

    Neither can we excuse Mr W. of too much precipitancy in pronouncing a sen

    tance of excomunication upon Major Pike, without further tryall for repentance ac-

    cording to ye voat of the church If he repent not, aggravated in yt ye offence was

    primarily personal, & yrby plainly hazarding the breach of ye church being but 9

    and 7 wch sadly came to pass

    We condemn the evill practise of thos of the church & Town that did indea

    vour in their petition to ye general court to Eject Mr W: from his ministry

    by rendering him to be ye cause of the disturbances, & that his ministry had a ten

    dency to inflame the minds of pp one against another, a practise of soe dange

    rous a consequence, that not onely the contraries but those that were