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    80)     146                    1676



    Tend to ye provocking one another & disturbing the peac of ye church: we

    would alsoe comend to ye church that Sad & Solemn consideration of their being

    deprived of ye Sacramt of ye lords supper, by reason of ye present confusions, together

    with ye present necessity of their redintegration, & yrfore that they ought to hasten

    about the work forementioned : 1 Cor 12 25 & 11 17 18 & 10 16



      This was the result of the major part of ye counsell, but 4 of ye 7 elders pre


    sent dissented Mr Cobbit Mr Hale Mr Gerish & S. P. as alsoe major Appleton

    Deacon Pengren & Deacon Tenny The reasons of dissent were 3. 1 In yt though

    1. the Pastor further in his managemt of affaires in ye church was blamed yet


    noe testimony born against the Evills of major Pike Which should have bin


    taken notice of in ye result as well as the faylings of ye aged Reverd Pastor

    2. a Because Censure past upon major Pike was lookt upon by many in ye counsell to

    be unjust & sinfull in matter & maner; an abuse of ye ordinance & a meer nullity

    The dissenters could not soe judg for 1 Ther was a church meeting lawfully warnd to

    attend yt work viz deeling wth major Pike & though some brethren yt lived remote

                                          yt day)

    wher not ther (being hindred by an Alarum yet ye Pastor knew not of it till

    the Church was dismissed 2 Ther was matter for censure if Impenitently professed in as


    1 his dealing with the Pastor for 39 offences some of which were fals accusations

    others frivolous things as that ye Pastor had said he was the head of ye church of

    Salisbury, understanding it of a universall head under Xst what sin in such a speech though

    not soe convenient one yt stood by sayd you take yt one you wch belong to Christ Mr

    Wheelwright answered if yt were my meaning it were both heresy & blasphemy

    Hence ye major raised another offence, affirming yt ye pastor spake his words that

    were herisy & blasphemy hims owning a meer ridiculous non sequitur.

    2 his reproaching his pastor publickly bidding him pluck out the beam out of his

    own ey & then he shuld se to pluck out ye mote out of his if yr were any

    3: in yt when the censure was about to be past upon him he turned his back upon

    the church telling ym he minded not ye judgmt & required ym by his magisteriall

    power to keep peace & order 3 The major part of ye church present voted his

    excomunication by lifting up their hands & ye vote being put negatively yr was

    not one that lifted up his hand against it, thes things considerd the administration

    was for substance Justifiable & yrfore noe nullity:

    because ye counsell advised ye Church of Salisbury forthwith to admitt M P into

    direct fellowship though yei judged they ought soe to doe though ye Major ma

    =nifested noe repentance for his offences; in any sort answerd answerable to his

    Evills; but publickly sayd that he had after thought it was pitty he had not

    run into noe greater extravigancyes yt soe he might have had something to ac

    knowledg, wher Note when we are quick & larg in observing & multiply

    ing others faylings we are slow & scanty in takeing notice of or own, ye

    major could sum up 39: failings of his pastors but could find nothing to

    acknowledg hims: and ye fear to counsell ye church to admitt him wthout any seri

    ous acknowledgmt of those words & carriages wherby he had greeved ye hearts of

    soe many of his brethren is contrary to severall Scriptures as: if thou remembrest

    thy brother has ought against thee leave thy gift & first be reconciled &c. alsoe if

    he ses it repents me forgive him : If he hear not ye church &c.

               vide page 96:[50]


      Thomas Tenny having comitted fornication with his cousin Germin[51]

    Mary Tenny the deacons daughter now Mary West; they both being children

    of the ch of Rowley the church took notice of ye great sin & dealt first

    with the woman (ffor as for ye young man he went his way southward several

    monthes; God was pleased to convince Mary Tenny of her great sin & she


    [50] See p. 000.

    [51] Cousin-german: a first cousin.