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    A record of persons Baptized in ye

    Church at Rowley.[1]



    Anthony Austin his son Richard  


    Decemb: 3. 1665

    John Symons’s daughter Elizabeth



    John Tod, his son Thomas


    Dec: 10. 1665



    Sarah Tenny. Daughter of 




    Janury: 8. 1666/5



    Elizabeth Hidden. Daughter of 



    March 25. 1666





    Jane Pickard. Daughter of 

    April 22. 1666





    Sarah Pearson Daughter of 



    June (3) 1666





    Samuel Homes S. of 








    Mary Borebanke d: of        

    June. 24. 1666.







    Mary Remington. d. of 



    Aug. 29. 1666





    Thomas Jewet. s. of  



    Octo: 28. 1666






    Sarah Brocklebank. d of  









    Ezekiel Northernr. S. of  

    Novem: 4. 1666




    Samuel           Thomas

    Mary Wood S. of 



    Decem: 30. 1666





    Dorcas Phillips. d of 



    January. 6. 1666





    Mary Symmonds d of  



    Aprill. 7. 1667




                             [MS dam.]

    Phyllis Hopkinson d. of

                             [MS dam.]



    April. 14. 1667.



                                                                  [col. 2]


      Died                John

    *John Trumble s. of



    May 12 16[67]



    *Nathaniel Crosby s. of



    June. 23 166[7]





    Edna Hason. d of



    June. 23. 16[67]





    Aquila Law s. of

    July. 28. 16[67]




    Samuel Shepard. s of





    Aug: 25. 16[67]



    Mary Dresser. d of



    Sept. 1. 166[67]





    Nathaniel West s. of



    Oct. 13. 166[7]





    Sarah Stickney d. of






    Jonathan Barker s. of 

    Nov. 10. 166[7]





    Jonathan Nelson s. of



    Nov: 24. 16[67]





    Anthony Austin s. of




    Mary Phillips. d of 



    January [MS dam.]




    Febr: 22. 166[7/8]





    Thomas Longhorn S. of 



    March. 29. 16[7/8]





    Mary Weilan d of

    April 19 166[8]






    Mary Hopkinson d of 




    May 10 16[68]

                        Ester died.




    Mary Barker d of



    May 31 [1668]

                     [MS dam.]


              [MS dam.]











    [1] The entries on this and the next six leaves, recorded by Phillips, are formatted in columns perpendicularly to the preceding text (in other words, one must turn the volume sideways in order to read them).