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    in ye Lord so far as is agreeable to his word. To Encourage



    Cleave to & Stand by a godly able & faithful Minister

    in this Church & Congregation, To Endeavour in a Joint

    Concurrence with ye ministerial Authority which Christ

    has appointed in this Church, ye vigorous & Impar-


    tial administration of Discipline



    We promise to walk with our Brethren &

    Sisters with all watchfulness & Tenderness

    avoiding Jealousies and Suspitions Backbitings


    Censurings provokings Secret risings of Spirit


    against them, But in all offences to follow the

    rule of ye Lord Jesus & to bear & forbear give

    & forgive as he has taught us & particularly we

    do forgive & pass over & endeavour to forget all

    offences of every kind, which in any manner or

                   in times past

    by any means may have fallen out either between


    ye Brethren of ye Church or between ye Pastor & any

    of ye Brethren & will by ye help of Christ Exer

    -cise a Charitable frame of Spirit towards one another.

    In publick or private we will Willingly do Nothing

    to ye offence of ye Church but will be willing to

    take advice for our Selves & ours as occasion shall be



    We will not in ye Congregation be forward either to Shew

    our own gifts or parts in Speaking & Scrupling or

    discover ye Weaknesses or failings of our Brethren

    but attend an orderly Call thereunto, knowing how

    much ye Lord may be dishonoured & his Gospel & the

    profession of it slighted by our distempers & Weaknesses in

                                             publick ––––