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            15                     1675 warre with the Indians


    Furthermore that comon observation which Divines are wont to

    take notice off is of waighty consideration here viz that noe instance is to

    be given, when the servants of God have not onely prayed but vowed as well

    as prayed, noe instance is to be given therof wherein [illeg.] answer

    from God hath not followed: when the Cananites fought against Israel and

    took some of them prisoners (just as thus with us) & Israel vowed a vow unto

    the lord, the lord hearkened unto the voyce of Israel & delivered up the Cana

    nites Numb. 21. 1. 2. 3.

    Now in order to the more effectuall preparation of this people to Solemn Con

    sern, the Elders heerabouts have apprehended it would be necessary first yt

    in the several churches should indeavour that the evills which are parti

    cularly prevailing in their Several flocks should be particularly bewayled

    before the lord, & reformation of them inserted in this covenant

     These things we have with the consent & advise of our brethren before mentioned

    made bold humbly to suggest to your selves; hopeing that at the general elec

    =tion which draweth on, the lord may gratiously consist unto Elders in

    this colony yet another oppertunity of meeting together & that things may be

    soe prepared in the mean time, as that then these matters may be brought

    unto speedy effect.

    Now the lord for his name sake spare his people. & give not his heritage

    for a reproach that ye Heathen should rule over you, & help us Allsoe yt

    we may have grace to be found faythful, & to stand in the gapp before the

    Lord for this land, that it may not be destroyed at leastwise not in our day

            soe pray for

                                          Yor Brethren & fellow servants

                                                Thomas Thatcher

                                                James Allin

                                                Increase Mather[29]

     wth ye consent & at ye request of the Ye

      Elders meeting at the Lecture in

       Boston. 9th (1m) 1675/6


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    [29] Thomas Thacher, pastor of the Old South Church, Boston; James Allen of First Church, Boston; Increase Mather of Second Church, Boston.