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     91.)                         1677                     157



    the dutyes of church Relation. 2. I have enquired of the Revrend Mr Cob

    -bet[63] & his judgmt that its most convenient he shuld joyne with us &c.

    6 we look at ye party propounded to be or have cause to fear that he is a man

    of am unbridled tongue

    Answer The grounds of this reason were & are offensive to all that have herd of ym

    for to prove such a Tongue in Neh witness is brought of words spoaken 13

    years since & of other words 6 or 7 years since; which Neh sayth he remembers

    not but if such words were offerd as to cast he justified not hims in ym but ac

    knowledged that they were evill, but its offensive in Mr Nelson & a living in ye

    breech of that Rule 17 19 Levit 17 yt he shuld never deal with his brother

    in all those years but came to ye sacrmt with him all that time yt he has

    lived near us since he came from lynne, If the sin of his brother in breeching

          had troubled

    gods law or ye good of his brothers Soul had bin tender to him he would in

    soe many years have sought his healing according to ye rules of gods word but

    to let ym ly upon his brother such evills till he comes to ioyne with the church

    showes that he mentions them then for to serve his own Ends & not that he

    might regard Gods ends Rules or his brothers souls good.

     Thes answers to the 6 Reasons were given in the private meeting to

    the satisfaction of the Brethren present, & I Judged as well as yms that ye

    church need not be farther troubled with them yet hearing that Mr Nelson


    Should Say that If his reasons were read before the church if they shuld

    notwithstanding them concurr the body of them to admitt Neh. Jewitt he

    would sit down therfor I appointed a Church meeting wher they were

    distinctly read & answered, & the Church by their vote declared that not

    withstanding what dissenting brethren had alleadged to ye contrary the[y] ought

    to performe their promise formerly made to admit him into this church

    ther was onely 8 or 9 dissented and they without any just ground as ye church judged

    Br Homes that had bin the first & almost irreconcilable opposer when

    we thought he had some great matter to alleadg & prove against Neh. It

    was only this that being together in ye Marsh wher they have ground lying

    together & hearing words about damage received from Each other yr were

    some angry words between them & Neh threatnd to cast him into the

    Creak & boasted when he came home to Twiford West that he had so

    threatnd Br Homes wch speeches Neh did blame hims for but I Ask br Homes

    if his actings were not worse then Neh. words for as I was informd he

    offerd his fork to Nehemiahs breast he answerd what If I did & I told him

    it was a very unchristian carriage & what if Sathan had bin at your

    Elbow to give a thrust, it was dangerous I told him to dally with such

    tooles in passion

    he farther sayd that the arbitraters Capt Brottlebank & Br Samuel

    Platts had Checked him : In the diffirences they had put to them be

    tween him & Neh wch was very offensive to all that herd & when he was

    told of it again afterward he sayd if they did soe it was by means of

    Neh: wicked information:

    [63] Thomas Cobbett of Ipswich.