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    The Witnesses who gave Evidence to yt part of the

    Charge wch she did own before ye chh, were Nathaniel Bayly

    Samuel Tenny. Samuel Cooper, Jonathan Clark, and

    John Hopkinson.   Those yt gave Evidence to ye latter

    part of ye Charge, Relating to his Father, were viz

       Samll Tenney. Jonathan Clark, & John Hopkinson –––––

    Septr 10. 1721  The chh being stayed after meeting, did then

                   Chuse 2 Bn viz Cap.t Jno Peirson, and

    Cclark Samll Plats — desiring them to go to Mrs Tod, and

    signifie in ye name of ye chh. yt if she woud Say or Send

    any thing yt might be proper in her case, ye chh was

    ready to take notice of it, & woud be willing to release her.


    At ye Same Time 2 brethren (Jno Dresser & Jacob Barker) were

    sent by ye chh to ye Widow Nelson upon ye Same Errand.

    The Substance of ye Return from Mrs Nelson was vizt To ye Revd

         Elder of ye chh in Rowley, hereby I Let you know yt I Elisabeth Nelson

    do Say, yt wrin I have given any Just offence to any person, I desire to be

    sorry for it, and desire your forgiveness & prayers. Septr 14. 1721. Elis. Nelson

         The Substance of Mrs Todds Return by sd Brethren was vizt. she

    Told us she was Sorry for her Extravagant Speeches, & she was willing

    to own it to ye chh. in publick but she woud give noth. in writing.

         The next Sacramt after this return, she tarried in her Seat & after

    the chh was dismist without asking or having any Leave or giving any notice

    of it, she stood up & spake to this effect viz.t I desire to know ye Reason why

                                                            Lambs &

    I may not partake with you? If I have offended any of Christs Little ones

                                              some time after ^

    I desire to be sorry for it ~. or to yt Effect, The week before


    she made [---] sd Speech, I sent her a Paper wch was this

    proposal in order to her restoration vizt  I Do

    condemn y.t Language for which ye chh has bin offended

    with me, & for which I have been so Long suspended

    I desire their forgiveness & prayers & yt I may be restored

    to their comunion at ye Lords Tab[l]e again. ~ but she returnd

    this paper agen, refusing to comply with it.


    May 23. 1722.  at a chh - meeting then held

                 Mrs Todd being sent for by ye chh

    came, & before ye chh did own that she included &

    Intended that Language in particular in ye Extravagant

    Speeches yt she had said she was sorry for as is Expressed

    in ye abovesd. return made by ye Brethren, & shewd submission

    & Penetence, where upon by a full vote of the Chh, her

    suspension was taken off, & she was restored to comunion

         and desired the prayers of ye chh for her.