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    by Sd Church fully Impowered to give a full acquittance

    or discharge unto ye Executor or Executors of Sd Hales

    last Will & Testament in the Behalf of S.d Church


    At ye abovesaid Meeting ye aforenamed Trustees were


    directed to Let out Sd Fifty for or at law-ful Interest


    for the Space of one Year, taking bond or bonds to them-

    selves as Trustees & to any others yt Shall be Chosen to Sd

    office, & at the End of Sd year To pay the principal &

    Interest or Such part thereof as ye Sd Church shall order

    unto Such person or persons as the Church Shall from Time

    to Time appoint to receive the Same ~ ~ ––––––––––––––––

         Joseph Bayley & his Wife dismissd to a Church

         in Newbury     and Elisabeth Kimbal to a

                            Church in Bradford ---

     Daniel Clark being desirous to own the Covenant

     his desires were propounded to the Church, Some of

    the Church were unsatisfied about his having a Child So Soon

    after marriage , whereupon a Church meeting was had at

    my house Decem. 28. 1733.  and Sd Clark coming

    into Sd Meeting, I told him yt he was suspected of being

    guilty of the Sin of Fornication being Married July 29. 1731.

    and having a Child born January the 15th following and if

    He had any thing to Say in proof of his Innocency in yt matter

    He had liberty to offer it, Whereupon he produced the Testimony

    of Dr Joseph Todd & Jemima Todd his Mother, The Substance

    whereof was this, That it is our opinion yt Daniel Clarks

    first Child was born before its Time, or yt his wife did not go

    to her full Time with that Child, and the Child was a Sickly

    Child & After Some days died, ( But they Said not how long

    they thought it Came before its Time ~ The Church having