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                                      1673               117           (51


    Intice young ones to persue such lusts, That filthy carriage in causing her

    to hold yor privilyes se how seveer yr lead is in case a woman take hold of a

    mans secrets tho it was in defence of her husband yet for her shameless Immodest

    ness God sentenceth her to have her hand cut of 25 deut 11 12

    5 That you should goe on in ys course soe long yr has bin a way of evill &

    renders your State doubtfull as to any seed of grace Rom. 8 1 2 pet 2. 10 Le

    prosy that was deeper than the skin & stood not at a stay but spread did

    denominate ye person utterly unclean of that nature has bin your leprosy it

    stood not at a stay but spred by renewed acts throw your course many


    6 Tho foremerly admonished for such Evill & not dealing thorowly & sin

    cerely in your Repentance then it was just wth god to leave you to yr same sin &

    to send you away in your hearts lusts, you were Slight then & would not hear

    god by his Church it will be ye more wonderfull grace if he gives you a heart to

    hear at last, yt you deelt slightly appeard in yor reading yt ballet in a fals

    aspersion of Sister Wood in your acknowledgmt & quickly going on in ye same

    way in these things it appeard you refused to hear ye church or god by them but

    god will not be mocked nor suffer his ordinances to be slighted or dallied wth


    7 To come to ye Sacramt all these years whilst you were walking after the lusts of

    uncleanness was great boldness & presumption, such as came to ye passover in yr

    uncleaness tho but ceremonial were to be cutt off

    8 aganst a great deal of light these were not lusts in yor ignorance wch you sometime

    covenanted before god & his pp to forsake 1 pet 1. these were doings fitter for gen-

    tiles yt knew not god 1 Thess. 4. 5.


    9 against ye light of nature Abimeleck when he saw Isaack sporting wth Rebecch he

    concluded she was his wife an Indian would have judged ye same

    10 Consider how many of gods comands have you violated

      The 3d in abusing ye Scripture as if it allowed your wanton unclean lusts

    The 4th in that some of these doings were upon ye Sab when gods pp were assembled

            to worship God

    The 5 honour thy parents but how greatly have you dishonoured ym

    The 6 you came near to endanger your own & others lives besides yr tendency

              these things have to ye death of your own & others soules

    The 7th all your unclean carriage was a breach of it both in heart & practise

    The 8 in stealing away the affection of women from yr husbands what in ym

              lay & yr chastity

    The 10th That saith you shall not covet or desire they neighbours wife oh ye

    unclean desires yt were in your heart whilst you soe spake & carried it

    Consider what god has sayd concerning such as walk as you have done & what

    he has denounced against such he has sayd ye Abhorred of ye lord shall [fall][13] into ye

    pitt of uncleanness 22 prov 14 & he has denounced wrath to such 2 pet 2.10

    Rev. 21 8 such goe into ye lake of fire yt burns wth fier & brimstone

    Take notice of other lusts wch have led to ys sin Pride & Idleness

    Pride will have a fall, it has bin observed yt you have a high Spirit apt to

    stand upon your own worth & parentage, those yt seated others were not fitt

    [---] to seat you, but wher shall we find a seat low Enough for you now who

    have debauched your self so low by sin

    Soe Idleness 16 Ezeck 49 gadding abroad could not be wthout neglect of dutys

    at home & to your yoakfellow, who sat sad at home for want of your company

    & helpfullness, oh what prayers when you came home if yr were any for you

    were bold that way wth god now & then forgetting that 10 Jer latter end, but thus

    being from yor calling home it put you into ye worst of temptations. 27 Prov. 8


    [13] Supplied word from Prov. 22:14.