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    ffather & in our lord Jesus Christ –

       Reverend & dearly beloved in our lord Jesus:

    Thus farr the lord the Branch hath bin with you as with his

    Angell stretching out the line of building upon our feeble work to

    lay the foundation (we trust) of many generations, in remembring

    gratiously the troubles of his poor afflicted, giving them a nail &

    a name in his house; & hath not onely accepted them into a cove-

    nant of Espousal, but alsoe prepared a place & built a house for their assem

    bling, yea he hath also (we trust through his grace) soe farr given us

    to partake of the benefitt of his ascention as to choose for us some to goe

    in & out before us in the work of the ministry & officers of his house

    (viz the Reverend Mr  Tho: Thatcher for pastor Mr Edward Raims

    =fold for Ruling Elder Mr Jacob Elliot & Mr Peter Brackett Deacons)

    and directed us accordingly to pitch upon the sixteenth day of next

    month for a time to sett them apart by fasting & prayer & laying on

    of hands, unto the service wherunto the the lord hath called them.

     Wee Doe therfore humbly intreat & Earnestly crave your prayers

    for us & concurrance with us; that we being strengthned by the right

    hand of your fellowship may manage that which remaynes in this

    great & waighty affair, according to ye accepted will of God in Christ

    In order wherunto we further desier you to send your Elder & messen

    =gers to be present with us at least on that day to consider together

    with the Elders & messengers of other churches & advise what maybe

    most sutable to our state & work according to the will & counsel of our

    dear & blessed Lord, soe shall you lay a further obligation on us

    not onely to acknowledg your love & faythfullness to us in the lord

    respecting our comfort & the prosperity of these churches by the furthe

    ranc of the gospell; But to approve our selves in the Lord (to whos

    rich grace & favour we heartily commend you) to be ever


     Boston 19 : 11 . 1669      Your affectionate Brethren


    Oct. 14. 1757. there has died here     Thomas Savage Senior


    within 29. years 31. persons Above     Hezekiah Usher Senior


         80. years of Age[50]            Will. Davis

                                            Josh: Scottow

                                            Tho: Brattle



                           In the name & by the order of the whole

    The churches this way which were sent unto could not goe in regard

    of the exceading deep snow soe that it was scarse possible for any man

    or horse to goe soe farr as Ispwich, yet the work was carried on by


    [50] As is obvious from the date, this interpolated entry is a later addition written by Jedidiah Jewett.