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                   23    1668                  89


    way guilty of burning Mr Rogers his house[86] which she

    was injoyned by 3 magistrates that lead the business Mr Brad

    street Mr Symonds & Mr Denison to acknowledg her fault in

    publick seeing she prooved judging that she seemed to accuse

    fayth off touching her being an occasion of that fire, the magistr

    ates cleared her yt they conceived she had noe intent to accuse fayth

    Parrot of burning Mr Rogers house yet her words did look some

    what that way and she could not prove what she affirmed &c

                                                    by indiscreat words

    soe ought publickly to acknowledge the wrong she had done to Sr Parrot.

    Deacon Jewett did wth some heat urg yt this might be done which

    never was that he knew off but ther appeard Br Pickard & Mr

    Elsworth & as was sayd Ezack neyther then testified she had done it

    before ye magistrates at yt time before a great many yt were in Mr Ro

    -gers his house and yt ther was then a final issue; they did set

    down ye Deacon & it was noe longer an objection; her desier to joyne


    soe farr as own ye covenant & to put her self under ye watch of ye ch & ye

    governmt of Xst in ye ch  & have her children Baptized was granted

    as had bin to yrs before in like case  goodm: Austin Goodw: Smith

    and her children 3 sons & 1 daghter baptized Aug 4 1668

    ffeb 68) There were several propounded that deferrd to joyne in full

    communion wth this church Amongst whom was John Sinion

    and his wife   objection by Br Swan & some other of the ch.

    was made that being they were to remane half a year here-

    to Merrimak, it was thought not fitt they should joyne heer

    for feer they should live in neglect of joyning wth the pp of

    god they went to live amongst as some others for many yeers

    had done; what answer was given was not at ye fact satis

    factory untill I had mentioned the case to ye Elders of Ipsw[87] &

    to others that (by gods providence) were there at lecture as Mr

    Higgeson Mr Hale Mr Newman,[88] they all gave it as their

    judgmt that we ought not for the forementioned reason to

    keep ym out of ch. fellowship not knowing but they might one

    or both dy before their remove and that would be a trouble

    to such as withstood their desier of comunion wth rest in ye lords

    supper, besides we ought to deal wth such members as (being

    cald upon) did not seasonally after their remove from us

    joyne with the church they held comunion with and then

    we need not make the remove of any from us a grond of

    keeping them out of comunion whilst they stay with us.

    Upon this concurrent judgmt of the Elders the church

    did yeild that they should come upon tryall for their ad


                  May 18 1669 Letters of dismission desired by br Da

                   niel & Br William Hazard & granted by ye ch to

                                           the ch at midleton


    [86] Rev. Rogers’ house had mysteriously burned the night of his marriage to his third wife in 1651 (Gage, History of Rowley, 14).

    [87] Ipswich.

    [88] John Higginson, pastor of Salem, 1660-1708; John Hale, pastor of Beverly, 1664-1700; Antipas Newman, pastor of Wenham, 1657-72.