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                              1670                   165        99


    octob. 5 1678  Samuel Smith desired baptism for his Children but hath

    bin offensive by his dalliance with a mayd he publickly made his acknowledgmt

    as followeth. the church manifesting their satisfaction by yr vote.

    Wheras I was presented to ye court at Ipswich for unchast carriage towards a

    mayd, I doe Acknowledge though I was not left to comitt uncleaness with her

    Yet I did carry it too lightly & unseemly towards her, wch since I have considered of

    it, I have seen more Evill in it, then I did at first, & am sorry for any such car=

    riage, desiring gods pp to pass it by, & to pray for me that god would pardon my

    sins & make me more sensible of the Evill of sin, & of my own corrupt heart, &

    of my need of Jesus Christ, & yt he would draw my heart to come to him for life

    and mercy

                                                By me Samuel Smith.


    Mr Nelson the sad breaker of the churches peac in Rowly now again broak out into

    very Scandalous speeches & carriages for wch he was privately delt wth by several brothers

    yet noe satisfaction but farther matters of offence by his railing tongue; several brethren being

    offended & some of his offences being publickly known we put by ye Sacramt for about half a year

    before matters could be prepared & proved for ye churches cognisence, at length octob 27 1678

    after Sermon ye church was stayed to give notice of a church meeting about dealing with

    Mr Nelson for his offensive speeches & actings: he desired to know what they were

    It was answered ther were 5 evills yt he was charged with of wch afterward page 102

    The meeting was appointed on ye 7th day viz 30 october 2 of ye clock afternoon we stayed

    nigh an hour for him after ye body of ye church was mett & then sent for him & after we had

    sent he stayd almost another hour before he came

    After we had begun wth prayer the first of his offences were mentioned to him, viz

    his falls & rayling accusation against his Uncle Jewit at Deacon Tennys house where

    wch Deacon Tenny (takeing 2 brethren with him) had bin dealing with him but a little

    before ye church meeting & it had bin mentioned to him on ye lords day when ye church

    meeting was appointed, but he alleadged yt he knew not that he should give answer

    about yt neither did he take notice yt Deacon Tenny had dealt with him about it if

    he had wittnesses to bring which now he had not in readiness & yrfore was not pro

    vided to Answer; upon this the church was dismissed without doing any thing, & warn

    ed to meet again ye fryday following at 10 a clock in ye morning, which they did

    & spoke yr that whol day till sunsett in considering of his offences which Rules were brok

    en & which Censure they deserved he showing noe Repentance

    The church voted for his excomunication ye Sab following viz march 3 1678 & it

    being put to voat on ye negative to try who were against his excomunication yr

    were but 3 that lift up their hands against it

    Saturday night late ther came 3 letters to my hand one from Major Samuel Pear

    son another from Mr Cobbet a 3d from my cousin Mr John Bayley all of ym calling

    upon me to forbear to publique execution ye [illeg.][75] told me in his let

    tre yt ye act would be lookt upon as [illeg.] Zeal

    against sin, & yt I sufferd in ye hearts of some of my best friends &c. Mr Cobbet wrote

    that he doubted whether the Rule would bear it to Excomunicate for such offenses &

    that it might be good to begin lower with admonition & if yt did not yt a 2d admoni

    tion [illeg.] advis to forbear, Now Though I honourd & Reverenc-

    ed these persons yet understanding wch way their letters were occasiond Either by yr

    Judges or mr shepard in his behalf & soe It soon appeard yt mr shepard spent


    [75] Portions of this and the following lines are water damaged.