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    my Sin, and true Repentance; and that God would

    renew a right spt within me, for I found that by sin

    I was dreadfully fallen, & had dreadfully sinned against

    God & against my fellow creatures; and dayly begged

    of God that my sin might be pardoned, and I might

    be truely humbled; and it hath been my prayer Every

    day and every night to this time & so I desire to

    continue, and beg ye prayers of God’s people in this

    Church & Town yt true repentance may be given

    to my poor Soul, and yt I may give glory to God

    and take shame to mys. and do begg of this church

    that if it may be, I may be forgiven &c &c.


    upon the first coming out of this foule case, comon

    fame carryed it as thô he was ye father of ye child

    that was born of this Negro; but Indeed she never did

    absolutely charge yt upon him, but said either it was

    Samll Ayres’s, or such a Negro’s child, but she allwayes

    asserted sd Ayres his being naught with her: which is

    That other charge he intends in his reply, & owns his

    guiltyness in. & whereas he sayes, (not to ye Extent of

    it) we could not get him to Explaine his meaning

    in that limitation; yet owns ye Substance of the act

    of fornication & carnal copulation.


    After some debates in ye chh upon this case; it was

    put to vote whether they did consent yt or sd brother

    Samll Ayres, should be publickly admonished before the

    congregation, & for a time be suspended comunion in

    ye h. Ordin. Of ye Lords Supper. The vote was full in ye Affirmative


    July 1. 1705} After sermon Samll Ayres was called

                forth before ye chh In ye congregation;

    who appeared, and an acct being laid before ye congregation

    of wt had been acted in ye chh. together with the above

    paper of acknowledgemt he againe signifyed his owning

    ye Same; & ye chh by vote signifyed their consent to his

    being Admonished & suspended; which was then In ye Name

    of our Ld J. Xt. administred; after wch, these Texts of Scripture

    with some paraphrase & application, were Solemnly laid before

    him. Rev. 22. 15. 2 petr 2. 9, 10. Heb. 13. 4. Ephes. 5. 5.

    prov. 2. 29. Prov. 22 14.[1]


    [1] Conjectural reading.