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    At a Meeting of the Brethren of the Chh. held Sep. 13.

    1749 It was voted That Capt. Mighil Lieut. Nelson and

    George Jewet Enquire into the Conversation of Samuel Kilborn

    and make Report to the Chh   at the Same Meeting

    Voted, That inasmuch as the Brethren of the Chh. dont Seem

    to have understood John Hobson Esqr a like,[17] and are not

    agreed in What he did Say wn he endeavoured to explain

    himself upon the Matter of his offence, That he commit to

    Writing what he has to Say either in way of Explanation

    of the Matter of his offence, or in way of acknowledgment

    to be presented to the Chh. and voted, That Eliphalet

    Payson and Deacon Payson should go inform him of Sd



     Oct. 15. 1749  Enoch Dole and Rachel his Wife


    were dismissed to the Chh. in Littleton, at the Time


    Deacon Boynton and Capt. Mighil were chosen to

    Go with the Pastor to attend the proposed Ordina-

    tion of Mr George Lesley in Linebrook Parish ––[18]



    Nov. 26. Stephen Jewet junr was dismissed to the


    Chh. in Hollis ––––––


    At The Chh. Met Dec. 27. 1749. and upon hearing

    the Complaint against James Hidden the Evidence


    to Support it and his owne Declaration in the Meeting


    That of this Import That what Mr Moses Hale had de-

    livered in the Sermon referred to, was false, the Chh.

    judged after hearing that part of the Sermon read which

    was excepted against, and Voted, That James Hiddens

    Conduct complained of was disorderly and unjustifiable, and


    [17] I.e., “not . . . a lick,” or “not a bit.”

    [18] I.e., Ipswich, Linebrook Parish; he was installed Nov. 15, 1749.