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    1674               133           67


    ffinding that many more dissented, & haveing alsoe more discouragemt upon my

    own heart I plainly told the church that though Mr Shepard has good learning &

    abilities yet I did not discern they were sanctified I mentioned the 1 of James he yt brid

    ldeth not his tongue &c.[34] he had sayd conserning Doctor Hoar[35] that he was a duns &

    that he had sayd as much before the General Court this he spak before me & his

    father & mother Wainwright, whenas Mr Oakes s testimony concerning the

    Doctor was that he had learning competent for the place if he would but fixe to

    his Studies & had a spirit of wisdom to govern a colleg: He alsoe sayd before

    several that Major Pike was not worthy to be Major Denisons Dog this he spak

    in goodm. Elithorps family & before 2 strangers Boson Allin & one Haiward

    wch speech caused one of ye strangers to inquire is this yor person Rowley has

    bin reported to have good ministers &c.

                                                              to deny what he has sayd

    this he denys as they say as his way has bin to my knowledg  he denyes he promised


    me to come home & supply my place when I was detayned at ye Bay upon urgent

    occasions in reference to my executorship to my uncles estate tho I told him at

    Boston that if he thought he could not come home I would tell me for I would goe

    home though I came again the beginning of ye week to Boston he told me noe I

    Should not goe home but he would & yet stayd soe long in Lyn ordinary as that

    he reached but to Salem & preached ther Captain Laythrop told me he might have

    reached home well Enough if he had gone from ye ordinary when he did, by this fay

    lure the pp at home were without help not knowing it till they came to ye meeting

    house 2 he denyed yt he had sayd he would not stay at Rowley though they should una

    nimously call him the except they allowed him 80£ per annum & that good pay yt

    he spoak to me & my wife.

    I further told the church the coming [-----] I did dislike ye company that were

    familiar with him John Arye Abraham Jewitt &c. who were fitt onely to alienate

    his heart both from ye church & their officer, & to incourage him to stay whether the

    Church agreed about his call or noe; seeing the town had liberty to chuse ye minister

    as well as yei were to help maintain him as John Aly affirmed before Mr Shepard & me


    Alsoe the offence that brethren of other churches had expressed to me that they had

    taken at his carriage: as some of Boston Church told me they were sorry to see ye

    spirit yt appeard in or Mr Shepard in ye general court in his speeches concerning Dr

    Hoar . alsoe a member of Dedham Church complayned to me of ye general trayning at

    Cambridge Septemb 8,9 1674 how unfit he was for yt sacred calling of ye ministry


    that could in ordinary be amongst such company as he saw him amongst & be


    very sociable with ym:

    further that he did not follow his study nor look after his family as were meet

    being from home at Newberry most of ye week at Ipswich ye next week till fryday &

    at Ipswich againe this week when or meeting was 2d 3d 4th 5th day if not till ye

      when he was

    6th leaving alone a youth & a young Girl to keep house who made a sad rackett


    in ye absence of those yt live under the same roof affirm

    Those things I offerd the church to prove if the[y] desired it & even that I could ad

    as his Evill speeking of a goodly magistrat Mr Googin[36] his checking my self for

    managing matters in ye church as I did note putting to vote the desire of ye major


    part about his continuance joyning heer & yt he never se or heard of things soe ordered in

    other churches

    after that in ye time of my wifes long & dangerous sickness he came belowe

    to look upon her & then took offence that she did not show him respect [--]

    though my wife affirms she bowed her head to him as well as she could being

    then entring into her ague fitt, but he never would come to se her more though


    he was sometimes in my house to speak wth me I would not goe up to se her

    though I desired him when I told him of this 6 or 7 weeks since her infirm

    [34] James 1:26.

    [35] Leonard Hoar, president of Harvard College.

    [36] Judge and Major General Daniel Gookin.