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    1673.                       119         (5


    Had anything to alleedg or object as any just ground to hinder our proceeding

    In the ordayning Mr Shubael Dummer they had liberty to express themselves

    Noe objection appearing it was then sayd to the Church

    If now after your Solemn seeking god for his presenc & direction in this waighty

    work you doe continue of the same mind as formerly to Elect Mr Shubael Dumer to

    your Pastor & that he should at this time be ordayned your pastor by Imposition of hands

    you are desierd to signify the same by lifting up your hands . which they did.

    Then it was sayd to Mr Dumer

    Reverend Sr I need not tell you that its good following where god is pleased to goe be[fore][16]

    us your self have seen as alsoe this solemn assembly the continuanc & renewall of

    this Churches desier & call of your self to be their pastor

      It remaynes that your self be pleased to express your acceptation of their call [to]

    the office & work of a Pastor over this flock of God: he Expressed his willingness to give

    up himself to ye lord in yt work & to ye service of his peoples fayth

    Then hands was Imposed imposed & prayer made to God in ye name of or lord Jesus for his good[ness]

    to be poured out upon his servant &c. And a Solemn charg given  As followes

    We doe in the name & authority of or lord Jesus & wth the consent of this Church seperate

    the Brother Shubael Dumer unto the work of the ministry & doe ordaine you Pastor of this

    Church & flock of God at York And doe charg you before god & ye lord Jesus Christ

    who shall judg ye quick & dead at his appearing & his kingdome That you preach ye Word

    instant in season out of season, reprove, rebuke, Exort wth all longsuffering & doctrine


    We Charg you to take heed to your self & to all ye flock over which ye holy ghost hath

    made you overseer That you feed ye Church of God wch he hath purchased wth his own blood

    Wee charg you to study to shew your self approved unto God a workman that needeth not

    to be ashamed rightly dividing ye word of truth, meditate upon thes things & give they self who[l]

    ly to them that your profiting may appear to all

    Let noe man despise you but be thou an Example of the beleevers in word in conversation

    in charity in fayth, in purity

    We charg you as you love the lord Jesus to feed his sheep, & to feed his lambs takeing heed to

    your self & to the doctrine & continue in them for in soe doing you shall both save your se[lf]

    & them that hear you

    Finally we charg you to feed the flock of god yt is amongst you, takeing the oversight therof

    not by constraint but willingly, not for filthy lucre but of a ready mind, neither as being a

    lord over gods heritage, but being an Example unto ye flock, & when the cheif shepard shall a[p]

    pear; you shall receive a Crown of glory that fadeth not away.

    To the Congregation

    Relations are mutual God dos not onely this day lay soe great a charg upon your Pastor

    but I must mention a charg from God to you & that is in three words sutable to what is

    Expressed in ye Chatechism concerning childrens duty to parents Reverence obedience & as giving

    all due recompence

     1 God requires you to reverence them that are over you in ye lord & to esteem them

      very highly in love for ye work sake & to be at peace amongst your selves 1 Thess 5 13

     2 That you obey them that have the rule over you & submitt your selves for they

      watch for your souls as one yt must give account, yt he may doe it wth joy & not

      with greif for yt is unprofitable for you 13 Heb. 17

     3 That you account him worthy of doubl honor not onely honor of reverence but honoura

      ble maintenance according to your ability 1 Tim 5 17 18. ffor soe has God ordayned that

      they yt preach ye gospell should live of ye Gospell 1 Cor 9. 14 Gall 6. 6.

      Upon giving thy the right hand of fellowship.

    The ground of that practis of the churches (upon such an occasion as this) of giving the



    [16] The right edge of this page is damaged, affecting this and following lines.