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    Nov. 26. 1738. Mercy Clark was dismissed

    from ye Church in order to be received

    into ye Church at Acton Newly gathered


    Jan, 23. 1738/9. The Chh. met to attend the

    Case of Daniel Clark, and Sd Clark produ-

    -cing Something further Evidence of his Inno-

    -cency than he brought to ye Chh. when they

    met about his Case before, they voted to

    accept of ye following Confession or declaration and

    to give him Liberty to own ye Covenant-


    I Desire Repentance & forgiveness of all my

    sins & to abstain from Sin & to Walk in

    Newness of life, and as To That Sin I am

    Suspected to be guilty of Tis what I made it my

    Care to abstain from and not to Commit &

    I hate abhor & detest That Sin and pray

    the Charity of this Church towards me

                           Daniel Clark


    N.B. The further Evidence abovementioned is That of

    the Midwife, Who Testifies That Tho she Cannot positively

    say how long Sd Clarks first Child was born before its full

    Time yet She is of opinion yt it was Considerably before,

    and says she has great reason by what She observed in it &

    in other Children since to Believe if it had gone to its