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    213 Deacons Joseph Boynton and Humphrey Hobson were chosen


    March 24 1720 } James Jarvis & his Wife Mary

                appeard before ye chh. & owning themselves

    to have been guilty of fornication; were Admonished ~.


     April 3. 1730 } James Jarvis & Wife Mary

                 appear'd before ye church with their

    Confession, wch was accepted; & they were forgiven & restored

    Janry 1720. Martha Dresser appeard before ye chh

               & was Admonished for her having been

    Guilty of fornication.     Janry 29. 1720. sd Martha

         Dressr made her confession before ye chh. & was restored ~

    Octobr. 22. 1721  Abigail Rows having been Admonish’d and

                    suspended, for her sin of fornication; now

    appear’d before the church, & made her confession & was restored.

    April 14. 1723 The Chh was stay’d to nominate

                  for Deacons. 4 to be nominated

    out of whom 2 were to be chosen. ye nomination

    Stood upon these 4. vizt. Sergt. Joseph Bointon

    who had 30 votes. Humphery Hobson. 28 votes

    Judah Trumble. 23. votes, James Barker. 12 votes.

    The next Sabbth. (April 21) ye chh proceeded to make

          choice of two Deacons, when Serg Joseph Bointon

    & Sergt. Humphery Hobson were chosen to ye office

    April 24. 1726  Joseph Bayly & his wife

                     appeared before ye chh, & ownd yms.

    to have been guilty of ye sin of fornication & were admonished

    May 15. 1726 } Joseph Bayly & his wife Sarah brot

                 their confession, & were restored &c

    Septr 18. 1726 } Mary Davis formerly ye Relict of

                  Tho Wood, dismissed to ye chh in Mansfield[7]

    February 18. 1727 Sarah Scott now Safford

               dismissed to ye chh in Ipswich.


    [7] I.e., Mansfield, Connecticut, since the church in Mansfield, Mass., was not founded till 1731.