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    April. 2. 1749. the Church was Stayed after Meeting

    and Votes That Capt Davis Deac. Pickard Lieut.

    Nelson and Uncle Aquila Jewet with Convenient

    Speed go to Capt John Hobson and treat with him

    about the Matter of his offence given to the Chh and

    endeavour to convince and gain him, to his Duty of making

    Satisfaction to the Chh –––––


    May 24. 1749. the Chh. was Stayed after Meeting and heard the

    Report of the aforesd Committee, viz, That Esqr Hobson thought

    the Chh. had misunderstood him, and was Willing to explain

    himself upon the Matter of offence, and he endeavoured

    to explain himself upon them, and This Explanation was

    left to the Consideration of the Chh ––– –––––––


    June 4. 1749 George Hibbert Jonathan Burpee

    Amos Jewet Isaac Burpee and Jeremiah Burpee

    were dismissed from the Chh. in order to their being

    embodied in a Chh. State in Linebrook Parish.[16]


    Aug. 20. 1749. the Chh. was Stayed after Meeting and

    Voted that Deacon Pickard and Liet. Nelson go to James

    Hidden and Enquire of him the Reason why he has neglected

    to bring his Child to Baptism and Stir him up to his Duty, &

    make Report to the Chh. and it being reported yt Mark

      & his wife

    Plats have had a Child some Short Time after Marriage


    Voted that Stephen Jewet and Deacon Payson go and make

    Enquiry and report to the Chh ––– how they find Things –––


    Sep. 13. 1749. John Chaplin jun.r was dismissed from the Chh. in

    Order to his Being Embodied with the Chh. to be gathered in

    Line Brook Parish__


    [16] A part of Ipswich, formed in 1749.