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    We bind our Selves to study ye advancement of ye Gospel

    in all Truth & peace both in regard of those that are

    within or without, no way slighting our Sister Churches

    but using their Counsel as need shall be, not laying a

    Stumbling block before any, & so to Converse as we may

    avoid ye very appearance of Evil.


    We resolve to be Serious & solemn in our prepara

    tion unto, & attention upon God, in all divine Worship

    Sabbaths Sacraments Thanksgivings Fasts that we may

    obtain ye Saving Benefit of them & Gods presence

    & blessing on & by them; & that our Lord Jesus may

    grant us a regular & beautiful disposition in all things,

                   laws &

    according to ye rules of ye Gospel



    We resolve to approve our Selves to ye Lord in our par

    ticular Callings, Shunning Idleness as ye Bane of any

    State, nor will we deal oppressingly or hardly with

    any wherein we are ye Lord Stewards, also promising

    to our best ability to Teach our Children & servants

    ye knowledge of God & his Will that they may

    Serve him also. Further we resolve by ye grace of

    Christ to reform our defects & Neglects towards ye

    Children of ye Covenant humbly acknowledging our

    former defects herein. Unto ye performance of these things

    we do in ye Name of our Lord Jesus Christ Engage our selves to

    God taking this holy Covenant on our Selves Solemnly with

    full purpose of heart in ye Strength of Christ to stand by it

    in all ye parts of it in ye full obligations & Extent of it begging of

    God guidance grace & healing for his Names Sake, Amen _