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    And inasmuch as Truth & Peace are precious

    things & Error & Contention in Chh.s to be feared

    and carefully guarded against We look upon it our

    incumbent Duty to Christ and a Debt of love

    which we owe to our Sister Chh. of Bradford to

    treat with Sd Chh. relating to the heavy Charges

    exhibited against them  Voted Jan. 2. 1744.

    That our Pastor and the following Brethren,

    Samuel Payson John Pearson & Thomas Lancaster

    do Go to Bradford in Conjunction with the Pastors

    and Delegates of other Chh.s and in a Christian Way

    treat with the Sd Pastor & Chh. of Bradford

    relating to the Sd Charges exhibited against them

    & do what in them lies to convince Sd Pastor and

    Chh. of any Errors in Doctrine or acts of Male-ad-

    ministration they may be found Chargeable with

    and for the promoting of the precious Cause of

               Truth and Peace ———

    At the Same Meeting Voted That our Pastor be

    desired to ask the Rev.d Mr George Whitefield to

    preach amongst us. ––––––––––––[13]


    Feb. 17. 1744. Dorcas Kilborn W. of Jacob. and

    Elizabeth Burpee W. of Samuel. and John Crosby were

    Dismissed to the 2d Chh. in Lancaster ——


                reading a Letter from Streatham[14] Signed by Andrew

                                         Wiggins & William More &c

    Aug. 6. 1746. at a Church Meeting after Some

        upon it                          ^

    Debate it was Voted, That ye Church do judge it


    Convenient to take Some further Notice of Sd Letter. also

    Voted that Moses Davis John Northend George Hibbert be chosen a

    Committee to joyn With the Pastor in preparing a Draught of a

    Letter to be laid before the Church for their acceptance


    [13] Whitefield would not arrive for his second visit in America until October 1744, but the locale must have had advanced warning of his plans. There is no record that Whitefield preached at Rowley, though from late October to late November he did preach at York, Kittery, Portsmouth, and Ipswich before going to Boston (George Whitefield’s Journals [Banner of Truth, 1960], 516-20).

    [14] I.e., the First Church of Stratham, N.H.