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    50)     116                    1673


    & take heed of being out of ye family as you belong to at unseasonable

    times, & late; as at weddings it is ye dangerous liberty sum take young

    men & mayds to be out very late you little think what danger & evill

    you expose your selves to; you have noe promise of gods keeping when you

    are out of gods way, If dinah will be from home[10] [------] yt she may se

    & be seen you know what she mett wth, & let parents look to it to com

    mand your houses to keep ye commands of God & shun temptations to sin

    and doe not onely require it but se it be done; if this warning be of noe

    use to you ye time will come when you shall lament it 5 prov 11.12

                        : TO the offendor was sayd

    I know not how to speak to you with that sorrow, compassion & terr

    or as I ought, I must speak to you as to one yt have shown your self

    exceeding Carnal & fleshly minded : Amongst the Jewes they were account

    ed fools in Israel that defiled yms with such unclean lusts 2 Sam 13

    13. yea the lord compares such to bruit beats to fed horses & ye Ex

    pressions of lusts Either in word or gesture are called neighings 5 Jer

    8. more particularly let me leev these 10 words wth you

    1 Consider how much & often you have done ye divells part to be

    a tempter to your self instead of avoyding all occasions you took

    many oppertunities to make provision for these fleshly lusts that warr

    against ye soul God Sas keep thyself farr from an evill matter[11] Soe

    to dally with mayds & women was an evill matter but you kept not

    farr from it; but made frequent approaches to doe evill in ye sight

    of god, Come not near ye door of her house, pass not by it but pass

    away 4 prov. 15 you have come near tho not to ye door of harlots yet wt

    impunity to make harlotts, it seems to me worse then to goe to a harlotts

    house for a man to goe to chast womens houses to se if he can make them such

    2 you have Shown a great deal of atheism, Joseph when he was tempted by

    his mistress, the fear of God kept him how can I doe ys great wickedness

    & sin against God 39 Gen 9, ye great Atheism of your heart appeared in yor

    waighting for ye twilight 24 Job 15 & Els wher he tells us yt ys is a hai

    nous crime to be punished by the judges, for a mans hert to be deceived

    by a woman & to ly in waight at or neighbours door & soe se what

    Job imprecates upon hims: if he had soe done 31 Job. 9. 10. 11. Its ye

    Speech of am eminent devine that usually he is a wicked man as to his State

    that waights for a temptation, you waighted many a time it was wth delibe

    ration not upon some sudden hurry of temptation but wth much contrivance

    The girl repented of ye incorragement she gave you to meet you but

    you repented not of your promise to give her a meeting

    3 ffalsness in ye marriage covenant you dealt treacherously with ye wife of yor

    your youth 2 Matt 14 & caused tears & sorrow to her therby you stand

    in these things aganst ye remedy more yt 1 Cor 7. 2. he is a monster in

    lusts whom yt remedy refrains not, you forgott yt covenant of god though

    twice both at contraction & marriage you engaged before god whose name

    was yn called upon that you would carry it to wards her as become a

    husband; vide 48 page 5 particular:[12] angry wth his wife &c.

    4 What a wofull Corruptor of youth have you bin instead of drawing them

    to ye love of god & his ways- oh to be a teacher of Evill is a Sad Evill 28

    Jer 16; yor Comand is to fly youthfull lusts you have but done a little to


    [10] A reference to Gen. 34, in which Dinah, the daughter of Jacob and Leah, “went out to see the daughters of the land,” and was kidnapped and raped by Shechem.

    [11] Possibly referring to I Pet. 4:15.

    [12] See p. 000.