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                                    [----]   1677               161     95


    many hearts

    ffor charging you with cheating I never did it to you personally but if you

    had a hand in yt Toun act of pricing Indian corn at 3s a bushel when it

    was but 8 groats throw ye land, I say it was noe better yn a cheat an unjust

    unrighteous act & a breech of ye 8th comand & how much you have indeav

    ored to injure me only by your own practise but by stirring up the whol Toun

    to ye like it is too Evident as to need much proof.

     other greivances several you had to mention only you were tender of Mr Phillips

    his reputation I only say to yt remember you have God & your own conscience

    to deal with; how tender you have bin of my reputation appears by yor unjust com

    plaint to ye court as if I had bin unfaythfull in my place in dealing injuriously

    with you & this not fair but a contradiction to your pretended care of your mi

    nisters reputation to intimate before ye Country yt you have other complaints when

    I never herd word of ym at home nor know what yei are


                        The sentence of ye court upon ye hearing Mr Nelsons complaint

    At a court held at Ipswich 24 April 1677.

     On ye Complaint of Mr Nelson against ye Revered Mr Phillips, the

    court having heard what hath bin produced on both sides doe judg that

    notwithstanding Mr Phillips as is testified hath used too high expressions, yet

    that in ye maine Mr Nelson hath transgressed the Rule, & yrfore is ad

    vised to apply hims to give due satisfaction to Mr Phillips, & to bear ye

    costs & charges of ye hearing of ye case

                                          vera copia[72] as attests Robert Lord Clerd


    May 13 1677 The church & congregation did generally contribute according to yr ability

    in many to ye necessityes of ye Revnd Mr Rowlandson in 4-10-0



                                          or rather past 4.

    May 18 fryday 1677 at 3 a Clock afternoon the church mett to consider of Mr Nelsons

    offences & to try how farr god might be pleased to help him to acknowledg his irregu

    =lar speeches & carriages. _____ but when mett he was not present but out of Toun

    and as was sayd about urgent business  alsoe Br Holmes was Absent Br Platts was

    present & yrfore the time was spent in dealing with him. ffor his evill in break

    =ing his ingagemt of submitting to ye determination of ye councill novemb 4 1675

    ffor contrary to yt advise wch Br Platts as well as ye whole church submitted to

    he voted together with Daniell Weicome for Mr Sheperds preaching a fornight lecture

    or at least stired up him to voat & sayd at ye meeting he did not favour but he should

    doe it again if yr were the like call

    The other evill was his factious reproachfull speech at ye admission of Mr

    Neh Jewitt when because ye work went on though he was against it (tho as he

    sayd he had nothing against ye man) yrfore he stood up & sayd what part

    have we in david an inheritance in ye Son of Jesse[73] to soe wch part have we

    in church priviledges; but it was answerd his part in church priviledges

    contented him not Except the officer & almost all ye church would lay down

    yr priviledg that his mind might be attended

    The church were not satisfied with his answer to these things wch he

    acknowledged not the evill off & yrfore yt their minds might appear

                 a full

    did declare by voat that he had carried it disorderly in those things


    & ought to acknowledg his fault in ym; wch ye church ye church

    was willing to waight a while for, but he quickly flung out of the [-]

      house Chaist about wthout leav or asking it.


    [72] “A true copy.”

    [73] II Sam. 20:1.