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    116. 182              1679.



     The councill went into ye meeting house & we ther presented to ym the grounds

    of our proceeding as followes

        May It Please this Revered assembly

    The ground why the major part of this church peti[ti]oned to ye honoured General Court

    ffor help by a Council of Churches, which is now (by gods good providence[)] conveened by

    their order, Is to lay before you some uncomfortabl differences which have fallen

    out in ys Church (& which we could not issue amongst our selves) in reference to ye

    Excomunication of Mr Philip Nelson; Which differences appeered not amongst us

    (Excepting 3 who by holding up their hand Expressed their dissent from ye churches

    act) till a considerable time after his Ejection, how it came to pass that any such

    division did then appear, & was increased from a spark to a flame, it may not

    be soe pertinent at present to Express

    As for ye person Excomunicated we have by sad Experience found him for divers years

    an Incendiary or stirrer up of strife in this place : And although the church (out of

    the respect they bore to his worthy parents) did shew much lenity & patience as

    to foremer offensive carriages, not laying him under any censure (though he de

    cerved it) but waited long for repentance, which at last was manifested, not by

    any pains ye church had taken (which was not little) but by conviction he mett with

    at ye general Court ; soe that we hoped his spirit had bin heeled, But not long after

    his reconciliation to ye church, his unmodified passions broak forth with greater vio

    lence then ever, to ye offence of many, & for well nigh half a year he was by several

    at several times, laboured with yt he might be brought, to a sight of & repentance

    for his Scandelous speeches & carriages, but noe sence of his evills could be obtayned

    but rather more offence given by his unruly tongue : soe yt we had noe other way

    but according to Christs comand to tell the church, & 3 times before ye whole church his

    Evills were layd before him

    The first time they were mentioned to him he sayd publickly, as to one of ye Evills layd

    to his charg, he would doe it again, as to another of ym viz his actings about ye

    deaf lad & dum, he sayd did not Christ doe soe, mentioning ye 7 Mark, he put his

    finger into the eare of ye deaf & sayd Epatha, & may not we follow Xsts example, upõ

    this a church meeting was appointed the 4th day of ye same week, & ye church waight

    =ed about an hour (after ye hour appointed for meeting) & he came not, he was yn

    sent for but still came not till almost another hour was past, at last he came and

    after looking up to God in prayer for his pressence with us; his offences were again

    layd before him, beginning with ye first

    But he told the church ye he knew not yt he was to make answer to that neither

    had any dealt with him privately about it, Though 3 brethren did attest that sometime

    before they had bin with him to deal with him about it, but he possitively denied yt they

    had dealt with him about it, & yt he was not provided at present to answer the brethren yt

    dealt with him was Deacon Tenny ye offended brother & two more he took with him Br Harris

    and brother Tod, & soe we concluded with prayer, & dissolved the meeting, haveing ap

    pointed another church meeting of ye 6th day following; In which his five Scandelous

    Evills were layd before him, but he showed noe repentance, but either denyed what

    was fully proved against him, or iustified himself of what he had spoaken and done

    upon ys after the whole day spent & noe repentance appearing, but rather contempt turning

    his back uppon his officer, when he askt him whether he was sorry for his Sin, in pro

    faneing gods name in ye duty of prayer in a conference meeting and now and yn

    saying you may take your owne cours, and doe as you like: The church did by a

    full vote declare, that they judged him to deserve the highest sentance of[106]


    [106] “highest sentence of” is conjectural where MS is rubbed at bottom of page.