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    78) 144                    1676.



    2. as to long hair they did ingage to charg those under family govermt to

    reform their excess therin, & in case the[y] did not help ye grandjury would

    present such as were offensive heerin to ye county court if private means

    prevailed not with them & desird me that such as wear Excessive long

    hair that I should not admitt them to bring their children to baptism till

    they did reforme it

    3 as to foolish fashions in apparrell, as naked arms or short sleeves to their

    westcotts not above a hands breadth in many the church did ingage to doe their ut

    most indeavour to reforme these things for the future

    4 as to disorder of youth in publick on the Lords day or other days of the publick

    worship of God they did ingage more strictly to observe & watch over youngsters

    and for that End two brethren were desired to observe their demeanour in ye

    time of gods publick worship and if they played, laughed, leaned their heads

    down against their seats in an irreverent sleepy posture they were to admo

    nish such young ones the first time, if againe offending, in these things, they

    were to tell their parents, if still they persisted in such irreverent carriage

    then to complain of them to the elders or select men that some farther

    Course might be taken with them as the general court has required.

    5 as to breach of ye 5th comand in such as are under family government by going

    out anights or refusing to hearken to the counsell & comands of parents or su

    periours, the church did ingage not to suffer nor connive at any such Debauch[46]

    carriage, but if private means prevailed not for amendmt they would bring

    such forth to be dealt withall in a church way; or by the court as the case might


    6 They did ingage to reforme their neglect of attending private meeting (except

    where some more then ordinary providence hindred ym; for for some years private

    meeting had bin too little frequented

    7 to watch over one another more faythfully & constantly & in particular to awaken

    one another when sleeping whilst the Revd was distracted or when parts of gods wor

    ship afforded

    8 That yy would come more soundly to the contributions wch many had many Sab

    bath day long omitted

                          & voted

    [MS damage][47] alsoe agreed that Those two children of ye church Neh Jewitt & Caleb


    [MS damage]who lived close by us tho in Ipswich bouds, & had desired to Joyne

    [in][48] comunion wth this Church, should be admitted if they still desired it

    [MS damage] given Satisfaction to ye church touching a work of grace in ym &

    [MS damage] they did contribute towards the mantenance of ye ministry, & did

    [MS damage] to doe though they live in Ipswich County,

    [MS damage] ingaged 6s per annum whilst he continues in Ipswich Bounds

    [MS damage] case he came to dwell in the Town then to be rated according to

    [MS damage] some other area Mr Neh Jewitt custom ingaged the same

    [MS damage] God for his presence with his most unworthy servant S.P.

    [MS damage] Christians Xst hear in the meeting June 20 1676 they were

    [MS damage] orderly in their Speaking, & seriously affected with the work they were about &

    [MS damage] willing to ingage themselves & theirs to ye lord,; & to reforme

    whatsoever ye pp discerned to ym to be amiss in themselves & theirs. ________


    The Church of Christ in Salisbury still continuing in a divided condition - they agreed

    both yrfore yt ye whole church to call a counsell of 7 churches Salem Beverly Wen

    ham Ipswich Portsmouth Dover Rowley & according Sent ye letters as followeth


    [46] Conjectural reading.

    [47] This and several following lines are affected by MS damage.

    [48] Conjecture where MS is damaged.