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    March 22. 1767. The Brethren of the Chh. being

    stayed after divine Worship was ended, a letter from

     of the members

    some Brethren of the first Chh in Newbury dated

       ^                         to them

    Mar. 19. 1767. was communicated and left to consi-


    deration till the next Sabbath: When a question of

    this nature was put to them, whether Tis necessary or

    expedient for you to comply with the Petition

    of sd Letter and it passed in the negative


     April 26 1767. the Chh voted that Elizabeth Mighil be

    forgiven and restored to the Charity & communion

    of the Chh.


         May 6, 1767; the Chh. met acc. to adjourn-

    ment received [--] & heard the writing James

    Hidden offered, and the question being put whether

    they received wt he offered as full & satisfying to

    them and it passed in the negative. and votd it

    afterwards, That we judge that our sd Brother James

    Hidden should be before the Chh. admonished of his

    evil temper erroneous & dangerous opinions & objection

    able conduct, and called upon to repent of them &

    that he is unmeet for our sacred fellowship so long as he

    remains impenitent & unreformed. And an admo

    nition was accordingly dispensed to him ––––


             Upon information that James Hidden had by

    force taken a horse from a man and had taken the