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    Deacons Thomas Mighill, Jeremiah Jewett and Moses Clark Chosen. 194 [259][34]


    May 14. 1769. The Church having had, sometime ago, the

    chusing of one or more Deacons, under consideration,

    This day being stayed after the forenoon meeting, it was

    proposed, that the Brethren of it should bring in their votes

    for two Deacons wn the afternoon Meeting should be over,

    and that they which had the most votes, if they had not the

    major part of the votes given in should be tried by voting by

    the hand. And in this way of Trial, Capt John Pearson was


    chosen and desired to be excused. Then Ensign Thomas


    Mighill, Jeremiah Jewett and Moses Clark were chosen by

    the full hand votes of the Brethren,  And the Pastor


            expressed his consent to the choice of them by


                              the Church ––––

    And I think all the Brethren of the Church within the parish

    capable of attending a meeting were present, except two, or 3.


     Dec. 31. 1769. John Perly and Hannah

    his wife appeared before ye congregation

    confessed their sin of fornication and were

                   forgiven ––––––


     At a meeting of the Church June 18. 1770. upon considera-

    tion of Elisabeth Mighils (wife of Nathanael Mighils) obstinate

    persisting in the sin of Drunkeness after various admonitions private

    and publick given her, it was voted, that she be cutt off from

    her Membership and relation to the Church and put away from it as

    a wicked Person


     Dec. 30. 1770. The Church chose Deacon Mighill to go

    to and join with the Council, proposed to meet at Haver-

    hill West Parish Jan. 9. 1771 for the ordination of Mr

    Phineas Adams, and also Ensign John Jewet, to go

    with the Pastor, if he is able to attend sd Council.


    May 26. 1771, Widow Bridget Prime dismissed from

     this to the Church in Fulton ––––


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