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    At a Legal Meeting of the first

    Church in Rowley held May 1 1777

    Voted that Mr. Samuel Dresser

    be Moderator for Said Meeting

    Voted that the Calling of Chh

    Meeting for the fiter[57] shall

    be as follows Viz. On the

    request of three or more of

    the Breathren of this Church

    to the Clark of Said Church Sig-

    nifying what the meeting is

    for he is to Notify the Church

    to meet leting them Know

    what it is for

    Voted that this meeting be

    adjourned to the Seventh of

    this Instant May in order

    to determin who is the Clerk

    of this Chh being Sum dispute

    among the breathren for what tearm

    Capt. Soat was Chose to Serve as

    Clerk – Met by adjournment

    May 7th Voted that Dcn Mighill

    be continued Clerk of the Church

    Meeting Desolved Thomas Mighill clerk –


    [57] I.e., “future.”