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    96                                       1670


    fforbidden by the lord : we therfor considering the aptness that is

    in men to think well of their own judgments & actions doe think it

    expedient, & that wch doth stand with the mind of Christ & with the Rule

    to which we have lately agreed & must have recorse therto in things

    wherin we differ, to call upon neighbouring churches for help & advise : we doe

    therfore Earnestly desier you that you will be pleased to send us the messen-

    -gers ; such as be most capable of giving us advise from Scripture or from Rules

    therunto agreeing : ffor if it be the good pleasure of the lord we would once

    have an End off trouble & contention in his way & according to his will : wee

    shall call in for or help heerin at this time onely our next two neighbouring

    churches Salisbury & Rowley therby you may consider what number will be

    convenient to send. The time wee desire your presence is the last day

    of ffebr: being Tusday sevennight[96] after the date heerof, at 9 of the

    clock in the morning : we would desire you to Repair to the ordinary

    wher some of us shall attend to receive you : Once more we doe Earnestly

    desire you in the bowells of Christ Jesus not to fayle or Expectations;

    ffor our Condition it self doth Importunately call for help & advise in a

    case in wch the glory of god & peace of this church is soe nearly concer

    =ned, & the Rule we are agreed upon doth direct us to your advise as

    yourself are our witness ; not doubting but by your advise through Gods

    presence & blessing, his name shall have glory & our selves a benifit

    And that it might soe be we comend you to his grace & direction &

    And Rest in him  Yours to serve you in what we may


                        By us signed whose names are underwritten in ye

    Newberry the 16th    name of many of the brethren of ye church

     of ffebr 1670.           Archelaus Woodman      Caleb Moody

                                 Wm. Titcomb          Richard Bartlett

                                  Stephen Greenleif     Samuel Plummer


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    [96] I.e., a week.