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                                 5           1667            71


    exceeding great, from whence flow such broad streams & De[ep][66]

    channels of Unrighteousness as this is ; What a charme of

    Satan to me by vertue of Divine Revenging justice, & [wt]

    price is yt yt Redeems from this thralldome wch [formerly]

    I have despised & I desier to be ashamed, I am & have bin

    confounded on this account : I acknowledge yt because I

    have sinned & thus sinned, that to me belongs shame & con

    =fusion as it is at this Day: Oh yt my head were waters

    myne Eyes a fountayne of teares[67] yt I might allwayes bewayle

    the plague of my Heart.  joy & gladnesse are departed from

    me, & scarce dare I look upwards  I should surely be [in] a pit

    of sorrows were it not as you quote  yt yr is Hope in

    Israel concerning this thing.[68] But sure, we are not for to

    to fly away from God, but for God to fly away from sin

                                               & yt

    Repentance is Commanded & required of all men in ordr to Re


    =mission, you quote [shall a man fall & not arise turne away;

    & not Returne][69] I say he should not be so unreasonably

    sottish : I hope ye Lord hath given me some Degrees of

    sound repentance. I am sorry for my sin, I confesse it to be


    Exceeding great , I pray to be pardoned , the comfortating

    receiving glad tidings of Remission pronounced in yt doctrine

    wrin & whereby Remissiõ is preached to ye penitent is ye

    balsame yt can heale me; I desire yt all Israel may hea[re]

    & feare & doe no such wickednesse, as I have done, & [illeg.]

    one be amazed at yt bitter roote wch beares such gall &

    wormwood as this is; Let None be bold to sin by my Exam[ple]

    but feare to be Dishonnourous of God as I have bin lest

    they be hung up as Examples of his infinite disp[leasure]

    & become ye griefe of ye Godly & ye derision of ye scorn-

    =full as I am.   oh! yt I could warne you all, my Dear

    Brethren , to be jealous of yr hearts, of yr Tempter, to be

    earnest wth God for help, oh yt some good might come

    of this great Evill , & yt you would forgive my sin

    as concerns you , that ye great congregation may have Ca[use]

    to prayse Him , who notwithstanding many great offences [is]

    Rich in Mercy to all yt call upon Him. I feare yt in [my]

    aggravation I fayle , I desier you would impute it to it an

    overburthened Spirit: I desier to Heare from you to have

    farther Directions & that you would not reject me. I

    intreate your earnest publique & private prayers for

    finall Recovery from all my sins especially from this great

    sin of Uncleannesse (wch I confesse I am guilty of) & from [all]

    Evill.  Thus, hoping that ye God & father of or Lord Jesus [Xt]

    will make you instrumentall to apply his mind further to me, by a [sor]

    =rowfull Spirit wth his & your favour , I doe to what is a[bove]

    written unfeignedly subscribe desiring to be

                                Your pænitent & unworthy brother in [Xt]

                                 The mark of

                                        Thomas   ––––– Mill[er]


    [66] The right edge of the MS page is damaged; conjectural readings are provided in brackets.

    [67] Jer. 9:1.

    [68] Ezra 10:2.

    [69] Jer. 8:4.