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    2. That he has made and injurious Charge upon


    M.r Moses Hale, and 3. That he should forbear

    Communion with the Chh. in Special Ordinances

    till he has given Satisfaction for his offences ––––


     at this Meeting the two Mr Paysons that were

    Sent with a Message to Esqr Hobson, reported to ys

    purpose, That Sd Hobson refused to write any thing


    to the Chh. and said yt he had given Sufficient


    Satisfaction to the Chh. as to yt. purpose ––––––


    At the Desire of Some of the Brethren, That

    the Chh. would meet and reconsider the Votes

    passed Dec. 27. 1749. relating to James Hidden

               Jan. 10.

    The Chh. met and after the Chh. had heard what


    the Sd Brethren had to say in the Case, and wt

    Sd Hidden had to offer in his own Vindication, and

    had Considered the Same, together with what was

    offered in Vindication of Mr Hales Sermon, the

    Question was put Whether it was their minds to

    make any attenuation in the Sd votes relating to

    James Hidden and it passed in the negative ––––


    At a Meeting of the Chh. Feb. 20. 1749.

    Voted that the acknowledgment made by

    John Hobson Esqr is Satisfactory to the Chh__


    March. 11. 1749. Marg Barker Susanna Hibbert

     and Mehetabel Chaplin were dismissed to the Chh

          in Linebrook –––––


    At a Meeting of the Chh. April 26. 1750. voted

    That Moses Thomson be dismissed from the Chh. and