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    [MS dam.] son Joseph                     April 19


    [MS dam.]daughter Elizabeth              May 4.


    John Spaford daughter Martha

                                            June 15.

    Stephen Peirson son Stephen


    Moses Bradstreet son Samuel

                                             July 3.

    Samuel Dresser son Jeremiah   


    Francis Palmer son John dead             July 10


    William Duty son William                 July 31


    Mrs Bennet son Nathan

                                             Augst 14

    Br Joseph Jewett daughter Priscilla


    Benjamin Parson daughter Ruth

                                             Augst 28

    Caleb Brocebanck son Ebenezer


    Samuel Kilborn son Samuel                Sept. 4


    Josiah Wood son Joseph                   Sept 12


    Mr Payson daughter Mary                  Septr 24


    Mr Tho Crosby of Hampton son Anthony      Novembr 20


    Br Joseph Bointon son Hilkiah


    Benjamin Scott son Benjamin              Novemb 27


    Isaack Kilborn daughter Martha    


    Goodm Center Br Tods son in law daught Eleaner     Decemb 11


    Samuel Bointon son Samuel                Jany 8. 


    Mr Neh Jewett daughter Mehetabel

                                             ffeb. 5.

    Br Samuel Spafford daughter Ruth


    Good Plummer [illeg.] daughter Abigail   ffeb 26.




    John Hopkinson daughter Ann


    James Bayly daughter Elizabeth           March 1


    Samuel Pickard son Samuel


    Colen Fracier son John                   April 1.


    Joseph Scott Taylors son Ebenezer        April 15.


    John Tod junior son John                 April


    [illeg.] daughter Hannah                 April


    [MS dam.][11]




                                                              [col. 2]


    [MS dam.][12]


    Doctor Canada son Stephen 


    Nathaniel Brown son Nathaniel            June 24.


    Thomas Wood son Nehemiah


    Anthony Bennitt daughter Rebeckah        July 15.


    John Brown daughter Abigail


    Edward Hasen son Edward                  July 22.


    Tho: Nelson junior son Thomas            August 19.


    John Jackson daughter Sarah

                                             Septembr [illeg.]

    Jonathan Jackson daughter Mary   


    Br Samuel Brokklebank dau Sarah         Septembr 9


    Br Bennit daughter Sarah                 Septembr 10


    Benjamin Plummer son Stephen


    Timothy Harris daughter Sarah            Septembr 30


    goodm West daughter Elizabeth


    Br Dickenson daughter Rebecah            November 4.


    son Greenho daughter Elizabeth           Decemb 2.


    James Tenny daughter Abigail             Decemb 16.


    Captain Nelson daughter Lucie


    Nathaniel Heath son Edward               Febr 10.


    Joseph Jewitt Junior daughter Sarah


    Thomas Palmer son John                   Febr  17.




               1689                          1689


    Br Clark son Ebenezer           


    Samuel Bointon son Samuel               March 3


    Mikell Creasy son Mi[chael][13]


    Samuel Ayres son Stephen                 March 17.


    Br Samuel Plats daughter Bethiah        March 26


    Br John Payson junr daughter Hepzibah

                                             April 4

    [illeg.] daughter Abigail


    William Doty daughter Sarah             April 4


    Moses Brodstreet daughter Elisabeth      April [illeg.]


    Joseph Plummer son Moses  

                                             May [illeg.]

    John [illeg.] daughter Elizabeth


    [MS dam.][14]


    [11] At least three lines at bottom of page either illegible or missing.

    [12] At least one line at top lost due to MS damagge.

    [13] Conjecture where there is a hole in the MS.

    [14] At least three lines at bottom of page either illegible or missing.