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         Jewet pulled off his Shooes & Stockings, &

    Then ye sd Jewett & Hopkinson went to the Bed

    where they stayed about two houres (as we

    suppose) and then we heard them talk together

    very Low, & then sd Jewett came from ye Bed &

    went to his own house ––– ––– Jeremiah Hobson

    testifyeth to all above written, Except sd Jewetts

    pulling off his Stockings & Shooes ––

                                 Jeremiah Hobson

                                 John Stickney


               Efora fut //[6]

                           Jeremiah Hobson & Jno Stickney

         both personally appeared before me ye subscribers

         and made Oath to their respective Evidences

    above written, this Twenty third day of September


               Joseph Woodbridge

                                 justice of ye peace


    A true copie compared with the

    Original on file, & examined

                                 Pr Jos: Woodbridge

                              justice of ye peace

    [6] Uncertain Latin phrase.