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            Referr[47] these transactions too page 24 of the church records [48] 55


              A letter ffrom the dissenting brethren of the old or first Church of Boston

    To the Church of Christ at Rowley


         Honoured Reverend & beloved,


    We cannot but with Greif of heart bewayle ye sad occasion of this or present applica

    to yrselves, & yt at such a time when it is a day of Jacobs troubles abroad in other

    parts; the Bush on fire ready to be consumed, & ye tremendous dispensation of the

    holy God in a vicissitude of providences upon or nation; all wch call for the most

    deep & serious thoughts & sorrow of heart in all Sions lovers & especially amongst

    her outcasts in this countrey: Yet as if this were not enough but they should be In=

    =cresed by the noyse of hammers in a tribe of or Israel, the sound whereof is gone

    through the countrey: viz the divisions of or Ruben: This This as it calls for

    great searchings of heart in us, & is yt for wch we have cause to ly wth our mouthes

    in the dust, & to be ashamed before the lord soefarr as we have bin any just occa

    -sion theroff: soe alsoe it provoakes us to seek all regular indeavours for the

    removing of the same, that noe Scandall may be layd upon the Church of Christ

    for our sakes: What essay for the healing of our differences hath bin used hi-

    therto proves successless viz the Result & advise of the late Reverend Councill

    (called by or Elder & brethren) to grant us an amicall dismission in order

    to the propagation of another church body amongst orselves upon our desire

    which advise was proposed by ym as the next expedient to an issue of our uncom

    fortable contest with our brethren in the Church, & declared publickly by the mode

    rator at meet to be compleated before their procedure to ordination: This ad

    -vise of the sayd Reverend council hath bin attended by us who have accordingly

    several times moved for ch dismission, but in vayne. Wee are heer necessitated to

    make our address unto your selves wth other churches as the onely next refuge

    in order left us by Christ in his word, assuring you that however we are tradu

    ced, yet we are not in the least alienated from the forme of Government accor

    ding to patent under which God hath soe long blessed this Collony, but are rea

    =dy to spend & be spent for it, according to the solemn oath which we have taken

    Neither are we for any other way respecting church order then yt solemnly decla

    red from Scripture in the platforme of discipline, & the last Synods deter

    mination about the subjects of Baptisme & Consociation of churches, nor is

    there any aversness in us, but a firm resolution to mayntain due brotherly love

    wth our church, in all things consistent with what we heer profess, whilst we are

    with them & when we shall be parted from them (as the lord shall despose) as

    with a precious Church of Christ, & much honoured Mother in Israel.

     Honoured Reverd & dear Brethren we humbly again & again request you in ye

    bowells of Jesus Christ that ye receive noe such reports against us whose travell of

    soul is to maintain the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace with you &

    with all the Churches of Christ: we humbly beseech you to spread or case before the

    lord in your fervent prayers, & to send your Elders & messengers to meet in coun

    -cill at Boston upon the 2d Tuesday in Aprill next being the 13th day at 8 o

    clock in the morning to consider consult & give your helpfull advise in our la

    -bouring case; and we and ours shall be forever ingaged to bless God

     for you Thus we commend you to the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ



    [47] Entries in Samuel Phillips’ hand commence.

    [48] See p. 000.