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     37                        1672                               103


    pleased to disrest me from anything in myself as to my own performances

    yea as to my own repentings & to fly under ye blood of Jesus Xst which Cleanseth

    from all iniquity, wthout wch yr is no remission of sins: These & many other


    Scriptures the lord hath bin pleased to acquaint me with for awakening & Comfort


    which would be too tedious to relate; under the sence of which both of my horrid

    sin that I am not onely guilty of my self, but the instrumental cause of drawing her

    that is now my wife to alsoe; likewise the heart sorrow it brought to my wife de

    ceas’d wch Covenant I ought alsoe to have kept pure: The solemn Covenant

    broaken wth yor selves, & above all the great dishonour therby brought to the holy

    name of God, to the great reproach of his glorious gospell: All which I doe ear

    -nestly beg of the lord yt if it be his will to grant me unfeined Repentance and

     godly sorrow for while I have a day to live, which in an eye of Reason cannot be

    very long: I doe alsoe Earnestly beg your prayers continually at the throne of

    grace for me together wth these my broaken yet I trust through grace unfeined Ex

    =pression; That if it be the good will of the lord that you may receive soe farr

    incorragement from what you hear from me, or may hear from others, that

    you may se cause to reinstate me into those libertyes of the house of God which I

    have though unworthy sometime injoyed, that I may partake of the good things

    therof which I doe in some poor measure pant & breath after. ________


          Wee whose names are underwritten doe testify that the within written

    Goodman Thomas Miller hath owned before us to be his own words as to ye

    substance of it.

                    Thomas Warner   William Harrison

                    Thomas Calimi    Daniel Harrison

                    Robert Warner

         Reverend & dear Sr. Affectionate respects premised

     These are onely to give covert to the inclosed from Tho: Miller taken frō

    his mouth to the substance of it by a neighbour of his to whom I directed him

    owned before & attended by the Brethren of or Church whose names are therin

    Subscribed. Several passages therin he Expressed to me in my study: he must be

    allowed his grains for an illeterate weak man, the substance of what ye brethren

    say, & I dare not therin contradict ym but joyne my hopes wth them) is that he

    is on the coming hand, this is their own Expression from the matter & man


    ner of the Expressions in the inclosed as owned before them: I Joyne my

    thankfullness for your compassions towards him as Expresst in your foremer &

    last to him: My thoughts are (wch I make bold to present & leave to your dis

    cretion) that the most Expedient way for ample satisfaction would be to draw

    out the substance of what he sayth wth what additions by way of expression

    are meet, & if it please god to give him wth sutable understanding & penitance,

    to owne the same upon the perusal therof when sent to him that he doe it in

    the congregation in our Towne, & yt it be returned attested by some of us in

    order to his acceptance: The circumstances of the case distance of place &

    glory of the name of the most high seemeth to me to call for it: We are very

    willing to incorrage his return, & afrayd to heal him slightly: I could be glad

    he might have a return from your church before winter, wch if you please to

    direct to be left at my fathers will within a fortnight I hope find conveiance

    Commending your self & your great betrustmts unto yr infinite wisdom ____ &

    rich blessing of our gratious God in Xst Jesus I Rest In great hope

        Charlestoun 21 Octob.   Sr yours in the fellowship of the Gospel

                    1672                   Nathaniel Collins[105]


    [105] Pastor of the first church of Middletown, Connecticut, 1664-84.