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    full time it would have gone to Seven Months



    after their Marriage, as to their Second Child

    when it was born (says She) I saw nothing in it which

    was not Compleated, but in all parts seemed to be

    perfect, as to their third Child I went to Deliver

    That & it seemed as like to be born then as any

    of the other Children did But by Application of

    Means it was not Born till Near 3 months

     after ––––––––––––––

           At the aforesd Meeting the Chh.

    Considered the Nature & degrees of Eben Hiddens

    Miscarriage & Disorder in Speaking with a loud voice

    in ye forenoon of the last Lords Day Except two, to ye

    Disturbance of Many of the Congregation When they

    were Just Entring upon ye publick Solemn Worship of God

    and in Speaking Indecently in ye Congregation in the

    Afternoon of Sd Day, when he was ordered to be Si-

    -lent. and Voted, That his So doing was Disorderly

    - not to be Justified by any Christian Society, Whereupon

    it was Moved that he would make Confession of his

    faultiness, after a little Waiting, he acknowledged to

    this purpose

               That he was Sorry that he had offended the

    Church and purposed & resolved to do so no more by doing


    the Like. upon which they accepted and forgave his


               offence –––––––––