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    11         1667                    77


    x    Ans: / Bro: Wood might have playnly told & Nehemiah & not have cont-

                                                          wh appears not

    =inued  that wch was injuris to Nehemiah Mr Phillips   But 2. it playn


    =ly appeares that that hath not bin Bro: Woods Spirit. ffor  1 He goes

    not about to Recover any dammage of Nehemiah but putts Mr

    phillips upō haste  to come to tearmes &c.: or also he shall not ––––

    2. He offers to compound wth Mr phillips, by wch act he doth

    Let Nehemiah escape, he can not recover dammages of Nehemiah if

    he give mr Phillips ye Land on any tearms , ffor he Him Self alters

    ye Case from what it was &c:   Other hot words passt, I sayd

    they were as guilty as Hims: and I must say that as unfitt for

    to Come to ye Sacrament as he was; if moderately they would dis-

    =course & be free to Rec: further Light in Love I could partake

    wth them.            They had at first desired the Sacrament

    might be deferred, saying, the whole Town allmost were in a brisle

    about it:  Upon Speech wth mr P:s ye next morning, we concluded

    not to to divert ye Sacramt. not knowing but yr was a pollicy

    of Satan in it to Scandalize ye Church as if yy were divided

    & unfit for Communiō; when it may be ye Report of ye Brethre

    might be Hyperbolicall.  2. To Countenance ye seemingly unjust

    Cause of Bro: Wood, as if it had more patrons, & yy were lesse

    Evill in it self, then it had or seemed to have had . 3. It was

    an uniting ordinance to ye worthy Receivrs; if any did wthdraw, yr

    own sin had caused that, for wch others should not suffer.


    Sept. 11 (67) It was brought before the church, betw: wch & ye formr Agitations Bro:


    Wood, the fence betw: Mr phillips & Him was pulld down, wch he

    sayd he knew not of before ‘twas done, but being done approved it

    At this Meeting. Mr phillips related as formerly & added ye abuse of ye

    Ordinance of Magistracy [not to live honestly But] to colour his Injustice.

    I Tim. 3. 1.2. /  Most of what was sayd betw: Brethren privately

    ut Suprà. was agayn urged  And answered as before  And moreover

    ys thing added in Defence.  Obj: 1. Bro: Wood did not get the Deed

    as Nehemiah confirmed. ‘twas Nehemiahs act, Bro: Wood passive, wisht

    it ner had bin done? if Nehemiah will confirme it, it is not in his power

    to hinder it!  Ans: Bro: Wood 1. he doth now impres should manifest

    a willingn: to Resigne yt wch he knowes is Mr phillips his own

    that is in his powr when he hath it   but he doth not, he keepes

    what is not his own;  So yt after actings doe manifest that He

    was active in taking.  i.e. did Consent  out saltem post factum[75]

    (Now a man ought not to consent. Psal. 50. wh Eph. 5.11. /


    2. Obj: / Mr Phillips neglected a Duty of getting Land Recorded &c. accord

    =ing to Law & that is an ordinance of God & all ye Inconvenience

    that comes by that meanes he must beare. if a man buoy his an

    =chor all ships yt are struck upon it is yr own fault. & dammage

    if no buoy  it lyes on Him that layd the Anchor. &c:

    [75] “At least after it happened.”