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    68           134               1674


    had stayed away soe long yt he was ashamd to come but he would reforme

    that for the time he came wch promise he never yett performed


    Beside the rule speaks of ye qualifications of minister & deacons wifes wch were

    not to be found in her but ye contrary Scofing at severall of ye brethren & [--] sisters

    not to say anything how she has belyed my wife & daughter calling her a lying Slutt

                                                     for speaking truth

    when or brethren yt were soe Earnest heard those things they sayd they were satisfied & if they

    had known of these before they should not have spoaken soe for though his stay & desired

    to hear noe more, if they doe more is in readiness, but it was sayd they should learn

    to beleev another time that brethren had ground, why they dissented though they were

    backward to mention them neither was it very meet to mention what I did (in yt it

    might tend to Mr Shepards disparagement especially if ye church any of ym did divulg what

    we speek amongst ourselves [-] as some had always done either yms or by telling others)

    had not they forct to it . –––

    It was agreed by a [----] full vote that it should be mentioned to Mr Shepard by my

    self & one or two more, that when his year was expired we [------] cald him

    not to stay longer Except one quarter viz till may day if he saw meet to ac

    cept of it: accordingly my self & Br Trumble (Mr Shepard coming to my house on

    Second day morning Jun 1st 1674) going into a private room did informe Mr Shepard

    that conserning the above mentioned vote, he soon fell into hott expressions that he

    had bin informed how matters were carried on amongst us as first that I had

    mentioned his carriage to Mr Benjamin Gibs I askt him who had informed him he

    told us the captain I told him it was disorderly for any brother to tell out of ye

    church what was ther spoaken amongst us but for this particular it was fals

    as Br Trumble did alsoe affirm yr was not a word spoaken of it nor was it in my

    thoughts that I remember

                                                                  peac of nonsence after a

    2 as touching or vote he sayd it was a nonsensicall vote & that several

             sayd as wel they          ^

    that voted voted they knew not what!

    3 speaking of goodwife Elithrop he sayd yt if she had an opportunity he doubted not

    but she would Cutt his throat yea soe farr as a man can know a womans heart

    by her word she would actually doe it –

    4 that amongst other reasons wherby I indeavourd to diswade him from his work

    one was yt merchant Wainwright was a covetous, oppressing, gripeing man

    wch I deny yt I spak any such word but rather to ye contrary [-] In his comenda

    tion that he was looking to minister & to my self in particular instancing a

    runlet of good wine that he had bestowed on me

    5 That I had shown him many kindnesses but not with my heart as did now ap=

    =pear and yt he had better given a thousand pound then Ever to have seen my face

    6 That his house on a 2d day when I came to intreat him to keep the lecture wch he

    refused to doe till his wife (calling him aside & speaking to him) perswaded him at yt


    time he sayd that I told him I was not for his tarrying & could not ioyne wth him

    and yet going into another Room or deacon Tenny upon occasion of Mr Shepards

    saying he did intend for England in ye Spring Deacon Tenny answered I hope you will

    stay still with us & I seconded him yt I did hope & desire soe too. former particular

                                to me

    as that when he had mentioned his willingness to stay amongst us caused by my desire


    of it & the most of ye church, & the Toun & ministrey of ye church

    7 he twitted me by my 70 pound  asking me why it was not required yt addition in his

    brothers day that I might come short of it Answ: yt addition was voted by the church

    & 4 brethren sent as messengers to tell me of it before Mr Shepard was thought of as to in

    =viting hither

    8 ffeb 1 at a town meeting Mr Shepard came in amongst them and declared that which

    I had spoaken off before the church referring to his speech concerning Dr Hoar

    was falls & wheras I had sayd it was draun out from me what I did speak he sayd

    that was but a cloak, it was told him that it was not comely before the Toun to

    disparage their minister & acuse not an Elder under 2 or 3 wittnesses, himself alsoe

    being absent he answered he was an Elder, when yt was not consented to he sayd